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  • Winter is Here

    Winter is Here

    Promotional Products to Warm Hearts and Build Brands  

    As the temperatures drop and festive cheer fills the air, it's the perfect time for businesses to showcase their warmth with winter-themed promotional products. Whether you're looking to spread holiday joy or provide practical items for the season, we've curated this blog full of winter promotional products that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and employees. 


    Promotional Winter Apparel 

    As winter descends, there's no better way to wrap your clients or employees in the warmth of your brand than with our branded winter coats and scarves, hats, and glove sets. Our cosy winter coats seamlessly blend style and functionality, providing a canvas for your logo to shine on frosty days. Pair these coats with our meticulously crafted scarf, hat, and glove sets to create a complete winter ensemble that not only keeps everyone warm but also elevates your brand visibility. 

    Looking for fashion, comfort, and sustainability in one? Look no further. 

    Our Soft Recycled comfort wear offers a perfect blend of all three. With its relaxed, boxy fit, it's versatile for uniforms, retail, or clubwear. Plus, it's customisable with your company logo, making it an ideal gift for staff and customers during these colder months. The entire collection is vegan-approved for a wardrobe that aligns with your values. 


    Promotional Travel Mugs 

    This winter, keep your brand in hand and on the move with our promotional travel mugs. Designed for chilly commutes, these insulated mugs not only keep beverages warm but also serve as a mobile billboard for your logo. Imagine your brand accompanying clients and employees through winter landscapes, creating lasting impressions with each comforting sip. Choose our travel mugs for a practical and stylish promotional item that warms hands and hearts alike. Stay on the move and stay top-of-mind with our branded travel mug 

    Check out our full range of travel mugs here - https://www.hambleside-merchandise.co.uk/promotional-drinkware/branded-takeout-travel-mugs  


    Promotional Umbrellas 

    Don't let winter showers put a damper on your promotional impact. Our branded umbrellas not only offer practical protection from the rain but also provide ample space for your logo to shine. Stay visible and stylish even in the midst of winter storms, turning every rainy day into an opportunity to showcase your brand. 


    Our Supermini Tote Umbrella is available on our website and ready to be ordered. This compact and lightweight umbrella is the perfect on-the-go companion, fitting effortlessly into your tote bag or purse. 
    Despite its small size, it provides ample coverage and features a sturdy frame for reliable protection against the elements. 

    View and order here - https://www.hambleside-merchandise.co.uk/hm-l01-200505-supermini-tote-umbrella 


    Winter Ready Branded Gift 

    Packed full of practical promo items, the Winter Ready pack has everything you need for those cold and dark icy mornings! Each pack includes an ice scraper, smart gloves with touch screen fingertips, a handy LED torch and easy grip travel mug for your morning brew. 

    View and order here - www.hambleside-merchandise.co.uk/hm-l01-200539-winter-ready-branded-gift 


    Winter Eco Promotional Products 

    Discover winter essentials with a conscience in our extensive eco-friendly collection. Our factories are working tirelessly to bring you sustainable merchandise that aligns with your commitment to a greener lifestyle. Join us in making a positive impact this winter by choosing from our carefully curated range of eco-conscious products. From Eco fleece hoods to backpacks made from recycled materials, embrace sustainability while shouting about your brand. 

    View our full eco range here - https://www.hambleside-merchandise.co.uk/eco-friendly-products  


    As you plan your winter promotional strategy, consider how these items can align with your brand message and values. The winter season provides a unique opportunity to create memorable, heartwarming connections with your audience. Stay warm, stay festive, and let your brand shine in the winter wonderland! 


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    Check out our full Winter Collection here - https://viewer.xdcollection.com/xd/en-nop/hambleside/winter/