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  • Sunglasses

    Branded sunglasses are not just a summer essential; they're a year-round marketing tool that puts your brand on display in the brightest of lights. Imagine your logo, stylishly imprinted on a pair of sun glasses, worn by customers, employees, or event attendees. These sunglasses do double duty: protecting eyes from the sun's rays while also promoting your brand with every wear.

    Ideal for giveaways, corporate events, or as part of a merchandise line, branded sunglasses ensure your message is seen in a practical, fashionable way. Whether hitting the beach, attending an outdoor event, or simply enjoying a sunny day, branded sunglasses offer a cool, visible way to connect with your audience and make a lasting impression.

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    1. Swiss Peak RCS rplastic polarised sunglasses

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    2. Bamboo and RCS recycled plastic sunglasses

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    3. GRS recycled plastic sunglasses

      As low as £3.01
    4. Wheat straw and bamboo sunglasses

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    5. Wheat straw fibre sunglasses

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    6. Promotional recycled plastic sunglasses

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    7. GRS recycled PC plastic sunglasses with FSC® cork

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    8. Mirrored Sunglasses

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    9. Branded Sunglasses

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    Personalised Sunglasses

    Branded sunglasses serve as a dynamic promotional tool, seamlessly blending style with visibility to boost your branding efforts. Here’s how they can elevate your promotional events, giveaways, and branded merchandise strategy:

    • Sun glasses as walking advertisements - when attendees at events or recipients of giveaways wear your sunglasses, they're essentially carrying your brand wherever they go. This mobile billboard effect ensures your logo is seen by a wider audience, increasing brand recognition.
    • Custom Sunglasses for unique branding - custom sunglasses offer the flexibility to match your brand’s aesthetic, whether it’s through colour, design, or the placement of your logo. This customization makes your promotional item stand out, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand identity.
    • Low Priced Sunglasses for budget-friendly promotions - opting for low cost sunglasses as promotional items means you can order in bulk without breaking the bank. This affordability allows for widespread distribution, maximizing your promotional reach.
    • Sunglasses branded for lasting impressions - branded shades aren’t just about immediate impact; they're about creating lasting impressions. Every time someone wears your sunglasses, they're reminded of your brand, fostering long-term brand loyalty.


    Incorporating promotional sunglasses into your marketing strategy not only offers a practical gift that recipients will use and appreciate but also capitalizes on the opportunity to keep your brand in sight and in mind, all while ensuring a broad and lasting reach.


    Sunglasses Branded - FAQ

    Can I customise the design of branded sunglasses?

    Absolutely! You can customise sunglasses with your logo, colour scheme, and even specific designs to align with your brand identity. Custom sun glasses offer a unique promotional opportunity to highlight your brand's style.

    Are there options for sunglasses branded with my logo available in the UK?

    Yes, there are plenty of options for sunglasses branded with your logo available in the UK. Whether you're looking for a specific style or a budget-friendly option, Hambleside Merchandise offers customisation services to meet your needs.

    What types of events are branded sunglasses best suited for?

    Branded sunglasses are perfect for a wide range of events, from outdoor corporate retreats and sports events to festivals and trade shows. They offer practical value to recipients while promoting your brand in a stylish manner.

    Do you offer cost-effective promotional sunglasses?

    Yes, we have a range of low-cost branded sunglasses designed to suit smaller budgets. These affordable options ensure you can still achieve significant brand visibility without compromising on quality or impact.

    Are there eco-friendly options for promotional sunglasses?

    Yes, there are eco-friendly options for promotional sunglasses made from sustainable materials. These options are great for brands looking to minimize their environmental impact while promoting their message. Our favourites are the Wheat Straw and Bamboo Sunglasses and our Promotional Recycled Plastic Sunglasses as a lower cost alternative in lots of cool colours.  

    Where do you print my logo on sunglasses?

    Your logo is typically printed on one or two arms of the sunglasses to brand them, however if you have a different idea we will always explore the possibility of a fully customised promotional product, so just give us a call to discuss further on 023 9235 4960


    How do I ensure my logo looks good on the sunglasses?

    We provide a mock-up of your branded sunglasses before finalizing the order. This preview allows you to make adjustments to ensure your logo is displayed prominently and accurately on the final product.