Promotional Sports Bags

Assist your clients with their fitness plan by providing the bag to hold it all together

Fitness is such a part of society’s everyday life now, be that walking more steps each day, hitting the gym a number of times a week or taking on an endurance challenge such as a marathon or a hike. With all these activities, having all your kit ready to go when it’s needed makes it as easy as possible to stick to your goals. That’s what makes promotional sports bags such a great corporate giveaway and client gift. The perceived value is good and the recipient is reminded of you each time they use their branded bag with your logo clearly on display.

A broad range of colour options give lots of choice to match your brand and will really help you to get yourself noticed by others too. Promotional bags provide a free advertising service in addition to the brand impressions adding up with its owner – that’s a win win!

Take a look at the range from Hambleside Merchandise, which includes various sizes of kit bags, smaller belt bags (very on-trend in 2022) and boot bags for those who need something to keep the mud separate.  

Promotional Sports Bags - Printed Bags for SportPromotional Sports Bags - Printed Bags for Sport
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Promotional Sports Bags