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  • Promotional Novelty Pens

    Dive into the fun world of promotional novelty pens, where the ordinary act of writing gets a splash of excitement and creativity! These pens break the mould with their unique designs, colours, and features, turning a simple pen into a conversation starter. Whether it’s a pen with a quirky topper, one that lights up, or even pens with funny messages, novelty pens add a dose of joy to the day. Imagine handing these out at your next event or including them in your promotional packs; they’re sure to draw smiles and attention, making your brand memorable. Perfect for schools, offices, or trade shows, these pens prove that promotional items can be both fun and functional.

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    Novelty Promotional Pens

    Promotional novelty pens offer a blend of creativity and practicality, making them a standout choice for enhancing your brand's presence:

    • Attention-Grabbing Designs: Their unique and playful designs capture attention, ensuring your brand stands out and remains memorable.
    • Affordable Impact: Despite their low cost, novelty pens provide significant visibility for your brand, making them a cost-effective promotional tool.
    • Customisable: Printed novelty pens allow for personalisation, offering a direct way to convey your brand's message or logo in a fun and engaging manner.
    • Wide Appeal: With a variety of designs available, novelty pens have broad appeal, suitable for all ages and demographics, enhancing the reach of your promotional efforts.

    Incorporating novelty promotional pens into your marketing strategy not only elevates your brand but does so in a manner that's both enjoyable and memorable, ensuring a lasting impression.


    Fun Promotional Pens - FAQ

    Can novelty pens be customised with my brand's logo?

    Yes, novelty pens can be customized with your brand's logo or message. Printed novelty pens offer a fun and impactful way to highlight your brand, making every pen a mini advertisement.

    What types of novelty pens are available?

    We offer a wide range of novelty pens, including those with unique shapes, vibrant colours, fun toppers, and interactive features. There's a novelty pen to match every brand personality and promotional need.

    Are novelty pens effective for corporate promotions?

    Absolutely! Despite their playful appearance, novelty pens are a powerful tool for corporate promotions. They're memorable, practical, and can be tailored to suit any corporate event or branding strategy. What better way to inject personality into your promotions? 

    How cost-effective are novelty promotional pens?

    Novelty promotional pens are highly cost-effective. Their low cost makes them accessible for bulk purchases, allowing you to reach a wide audience without a significant investment.

    How long does it take to receive an order of custom novelty pens?

    Delivery times for custom novelty pens can vary based on customisation complexity and order size. At Hambleside Merchandise, we work efficiently to fulfil orders promptly, ensuring your pens are ready for your next promotional event.

    Are promotional novelty pens made or stocked in the UK?

    Some of our promotional novelty pens are stocked in the UK, ensuring quick and efficient delivery for your campaigns and events. This local stocking allows us to provide fast turnaround times and responsive service for all orders within the UK.