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  • Insulated Water Bottles

    Step up your promotional game with branded insulated water bottles, the ultimate blend of style, sustainability, and functionality. Imagine offering a promotional item that not only looks sleek but also champions eco-conscious living. Our insulated water bottle collection is not just any set of water bottles; they're practical tools for your target audience to use everyday. insulated to keep that beverage at the perfect temperature for hours. These reusable water bottles are a fantastic way to showcase your brand, offering a practical and stylish solution for daily hydration needs. Ideal corporate giveaways or as part of a sustainability campaign, these branded insulated water bottles are sure to leave a lasting impression, making your brand synonymous with quality and environmental responsibility.

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    1. Mood Vacuum Bottle - Powder Coated

      As low as £9.21
    2. Mood Stainless Steel Bottle

      As low as £11.11
    3. Glen Insulated Flask

      As low as £8.30
    4. Printed Tube for Bottles

      As low as £2.94
    5. Ashford Pop Insulated Bottle

      As low as £7.45
    6. Asford range box

      As low as £0.60
    7. Varo Stainless Steel Water Bottle

      As low as £8.34
    8. Miro Drinks Bottle 375ml

      As low as £8.57
    9. Mondrian Insulated Bottle

      As low as £7.80
    10. Tilba Sports Bottle

      As low as £7.68
    11. 470ml Potter Water Bottle

      As low as £9.71
    12. Coledale

      As low as £8.20
    13. Ashford Blanc White Insulated Water Bottles

      As low as £7.19
    14. Alice Insulated Water Bottle

      As low as £9.54
    15. Ashford Plus Insulated Water Bottle

      As low as £7.07
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    Double Walled Water Bottles

    Incorporating insulated water bottles printed with your company logo into your promotional strategy offers a wealth of benefits for events, giveaways, and branded merchandise. These double walled water bottles are not just practical; they're a statement of quality and sustainability. Each time someone uses their personalised stainless steel water bottle, your brand gets maximum exposure. Perfect for any promotional occasion, these bottles are durable, eco-friendly, and keep beverages at the ideal temperature for hours, making them highly appreciated by recipients. Usually used for cold drinks, these are super versatile as they can also keep hot drinks warm too.

    Opting for metal water bottles highlights your commitment to the environment by promoting reusable over single-use plastic bottles. Stainless steel is easily recycled at end of life and disposable via your household waste. It's a powerful way to enhance your brand's visibility while aligning with eco-conscious values. Whether it’s for a corporate event, a sports team, or a customer appreciation gift, these bottles serve as a constant reminder of your brand, offering a blend of utility, style, and environmental responsibility.


    Branded Insulated Water Bottles - FAQs

    Can promotional insulated water bottles keep drinks hot or cold?

    Yes, many promotional water bottles are insulated with a double-walled design, allowing them to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. This makes them perfect for all-day hydration, regardless of the users preference for hot or cold drinks. Look out for items described as insulated or double walled. 

    How durable are insulated stainless steel water bottles?

    Stainless steel water bottles are extremely durable and designed to last for years. They are resistant to rust, corrosion, and daily wear and tear, making them a sustainable choice for those looking to reduce waste. They are easy to keep clean too. For long lasting brand visibility we would recommend you engrave your insulated bottle. 

    Do you supply an insulated water bottle with straw?

    Yes, the Hambleside team love our Alice bottle. A metal insulated water bottle with straw sipper that can be printed or engraved. We have tried and tested this bottle and it ticks all the boxes: it's durable, doesn't dent easily, is easy to clean and keeps your water cold all day long on a hot summers day. Recommended!

    How can I brand my insulated water bottle with a logo or message?

    Hambleside Merchandise can brand stainless steel water bottles with your company's logo, a unique message, or custom artwork. This process is done through various methods such as laser engraving, screen printing, or digital printing, depending on the finish of the bottle and the complexity of the design. We can full colour print some of our bottles 360 degrees as well which looks very smart if you have a striking graphic. Consider how the recipients will use the bottle when received and design your artwork accordingly. If you would like some help in what works best, our friendly team of merchandise experts are on hand to help. 

    Are insulated water bottles branded in the UK?

    Yes, most insulated water bottles are be branded in the UK or Europe. Bulk stocks are held with our specialist decorators and printed to order. 

    How do I ensure my logo or message is accurately represented on the bottle?

    Hambleside Merchandise works closely with you to ensure logos and messages are accurately represented on the bottles. This includes providing artwork proofs for approval before production begins and allowing for any adjustments to ensure the final product meets your expectations.