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  • Promotional Highlighters

    Promotional highlighter pens are a versatile and effective tool for marketing campaigns, events, and brand promotion. These vibrant and functional items are not only practical for everyday use but also serve as a constant reminder of your brand, making them an ideal choice for promotional merchandise. With the ability to highlight important text and make notes stand out, highlighter pens are frequently used in offices, schools, and homes, ensuring that your brand message reaches a wide and diverse audience. Customisable with your company logo, slogan, or message, promotional highlighter pens can be tailored to reflect your brand identity perfectly. Their practical nature ensures they are kept and used frequently, providing prolonged exposure for your brand. Whether handed out at trade shows, included in welcome packs, or given as corporate gifts, these pens are a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. By choosing high-quality, eco-friendly materials, you can also align your promotional efforts with sustainable practices, enhancing your brand’s reputation. In a competitive market, standing out is crucial, and promotional highlighter pens offer a unique blend of utility and brand visibility that can significantly enhance your marketing strategy.



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    1. WP - 3-in-1 Highlighter Pencil (Line Colour Print)

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    2. Trident Highlighter (Digital Printed)

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    3. Triangular Highlighter (Full Colour Print)

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    4. Hi-Spin Highlighter (Full Colour Print)

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    5. Hi-5 Highlighter (Full Colour Print)

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    6. Hauser Glow Highlighter (Singles) (Line Colour Print)

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    7. Helios Highlighter (Line Colour Print)

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    8. Helios Highlighter (Full Colour Print)

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    9. Duo Highlighter

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    10. Flower Highlighter

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    11. Buzz Highlighter Set

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    12. Triangle Highlighter

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    13. Small Triangle Highlighter

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    14. Splash Highlighter

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    15. Wax Crayon Highlighter Set

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    16. Eco Flower Highlighter

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    17. Chimay

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    Custom Highlighter Pens

    Custom highlighter pens offer a unique opportunity to tailor your promotional items to your specific brand needs. With a wide array of colours, styles, and imprint options available, you can create highlighter pens that not only serve their practical purpose but also align seamlessly with your brand’s visual identity. Customisation options include printing your logo, company name, or a marketing message directly onto the pen, ensuring that every time the highlighter is used, your brand is at the forefront. This personalised touch can make a significant difference in how your promotional items are perceived, turning a simple pen into a powerful marketing tool. Moreover, custom highlighter pens can be designed to match corporate colours or themed for specific events, enhancing their appeal and relevance. The ability to create a bespoke product means that your highlighter pens can stand out from generic alternatives, providing a memorable and distinctive giveaway that recipients will appreciate and use frequently. This level of customisation not only boosts brand recognition but also demonstrates your company’s attention to detail and commitment to providing quality promotional items.

    Branded Highlighter Pens

    Branded highlighter pens are an excellent way to ensure your company logo is visible in offices, schools, and homes. These pens, adorned with your brand’s logo and colours, serve as a constant reminder of your business, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty. The act of using a highlighter pen is a repetitive one, meaning that your brand gets multiple exposures over time. This makes them an effective tool for long-term marketing strategies. Branded highlighter pens can be particularly effective when distributed at trade shows, corporate events, or as part of a welcome pack for new employees or clients. They serve as both a useful tool and a subtle promotional item that keeps your brand in mind. The quality of the pen itself reflects on your company, so choosing durable, high-quality pens can positively influence the perception of your brand. Additionally, by opting for eco-friendly materials, you can showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability, which can appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

    Highlighter Pens

    Highlighter pens are a staple in any office, classroom, or home, providing an easy and efficient way to draw attention to important information. Available in a variety of bright and fluorescent colours, they help users quickly locate and reference key points in documents, textbooks, and notes. Highlighter pens come in various styles, including chisel tips for versatile line widths and fine tips for precision highlighting. The ink is often quick-drying and smear-resistant, ensuring clean and professional results. Their widespread use and practicality make them an ideal candidate for promotional items. When branded with a company logo or message, highlighter pens transform into a marketing tool that continuously promotes your brand each time they are used. Their durability and long-lasting ink ensure that they remain in circulation for an extended period, offering repeated brand exposure. Highlighter pens are also a popular choice for promotional giveaways due to their low cost and high utility, providing a significant return on investment for any marketing campaign.

    Personalised Highlighter Pens

    Personalised highlighter pens add a unique touch to your promotional merchandise, making your brand stand out with a customised flair. These pens can be tailored with individual names, specific messages, or unique designs that reflect the personality of your brand or the theme of an event. Personalisation not only makes these highlighters a memorable giveaway but also adds a personal touch that can enhance the recipient’s connection to your brand. Whether used as corporate gifts, event souvenirs, or customer appreciation tokens, personalised highlighter pens are appreciated for their practicality and thoughtful customisation. The process of personalising these pens is straightforward, allowing for bulk orders that still feel individually tailored. This personal touch can significantly improve the perceived value of the item, making it more likely that recipients will use and keep the highlighter pen, thereby extending the life of your brand’s visibility. In a world where standard promotional items are abundant, adding a personalised element can make all the difference in capturing attention and fostering brand loyalty.

    Promotional Pens with Highlighter

    Promotional pens with highlighters combine the best of both worlds, offering the functionality of a pen and the utility of a highlighter in one convenient tool. These multifunctional items are perfect for busy professionals, students, and anyone who values efficiency and practicality in their stationery. As a promotional item, they offer double the branding opportunity, with your logo and message visible on both the pen and the highlighter ends. This versatility makes them a standout choice for corporate giveaways, trade shows, and marketing campaigns. The dual function ensures they are used more frequently than a standard pen or highlighter alone, increasing the chances of your brand being seen. Additionally, these combination pens often come in sleek, modern designs that appeal to a wide audience, making them a stylish addition to any desk or pencil case. Offering promotional pens with highlighters demonstrates your brand’s commitment to providing practical, high-quality items that meet the needs of your target audience, thereby enhancing your brand’s reputation and reach.

    Bic Highlighter Pens

    Bic highlighter pens are renowned for their quality, durability, and vibrant colours, making them a trusted choice for promotional merchandise. With a reputation built over decades, Bic is synonymous with reliability and performance in writing instruments. Offering Bic highlighter pens as promotional items aligns your brand with these positive attributes, enhancing your company’s image. These highlighters are available in various styles, including classic fluorescent colours and contemporary pastel shades, catering to different preferences and uses. The consistent ink flow and comfortable grip of Bic highlighters ensure a pleasant user experience, making them a favourite among professionals, students, and educators. By customising Bic highlighter pens with your brand logo or message, you leverage the trust and recognition associated with the Bic name, giving your promotional efforts an added layer of credibility. Whether used in offices, schools, or at home, these highlighters ensure your brand remains visible and remembered. Investing in Bic highlighter pens for your promotional campaigns demonstrates a commitment to quality, reflecting positively on your brand and creating a lasting impression with your audience.

    Promotional Highlighter Pens - FAQ’s

    What are promotional highlighter pens?

    Promotional highlighter pens are writing instruments that feature your company’s logo, message, or branding. These pens are used as marketing tools to increase brand visibility and recognition, often handed out at events, trade shows, or included in corporate gift packages.

    Can I get custom highlighter pens with my logo printed on them?

    Yes, you can get custom highlighter pens with your logo printed on them. This helps in creating a unique and personalised promotional item that effectively markets your brand every time the pen is used.

    What are branded highlighter pens and how can they benefit my business?

    Branded highlighter pens are highlighters that have been customised with your company’s branding. They benefit your business by continuously promoting your brand whenever they are used, enhancing brand recognition and recall.

    Are there eco-friendly options available for highlighter pens?

    Absolutely! Many highlighter pens are made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your promotional items align with your sustainability goals. These pens help reduce environmental impact while promoting your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

    Can I order personalised highlighter pens without a minimum order requirement?

    Yes, many suppliers offer personalised highlighter pens without a minimum order requirement. This allows you to order exactly the number of pens you need, making it easier to manage your budget and inventory.

    What are promotional pens with highlighter and how are they used?

    Promotional pens with highlighter are multifunctional tools that combine a traditional pen with a highlighter. These are used to write and highlight text, making them a practical and efficient promotional item that showcases your brand in a useful way.

    Why should I choose Bic highlighter pens for my promotional needs?

    Bic highlighter pens are known for their quality and durability. Choosing Bic for your promotional highlighter pens ensures that you’re providing a reliable product that reflects well on your brand. Additionally, Bic offers various styles and colours, including eco-friendly options.

    How can I customise highlighter pens for my company?

    You can customise highlighter pens by adding your company’s logo, name, slogan, or any other branding elements. This can be done through various printing methods to create a unique promotional item that stands out.

    Are there sustainable options for branded highlighter pens?

    Yes, there are sustainable options available for branded highlighter pens. These include pens made from recycled or biodegradable materials, allowing you to promote your brand while supporting environmental sustainability.

    How do I go about ordering custom highlighter pens with no minimum order?

    Ordering custom highlighter pens with no minimum order is simple. Contact a supplier that offers this option, provide your design specifications, and place your order. This flexibility is great for small businesses or specific events where you may not need a large quantity.