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  • Promotional Stationery

    Looking for a way to promote your business ahead of your competitors? The perfect solution is right here, advertising with promotional stationery items! We have a range of branded desk accessories that will not only help promote yourself but also ensure you stay at the forefront of people’s minds while they're working hard every day - both during lunch breaks and after hours too if you want them to carry these around as their constant companions throughout their work time.

    There is a wide range of affordable promotional merchandise items that can be used in any office environment to promote your company logo. From promotional coasters, corporate mouse mats and branded calculator to branded document wallets, promotional desk calendars and personalised notebooks -to name just a few! You'll never forget what brand is at the forefront with these branded stationery products and desk accessories available for purchase online today.

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    Promotional sticky notesPromotional sticky notes
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    1. Swiss Peak RCS recycled PU 10W wireless charging mousepad

      As low as £19.92
    2. Swiss Peak GRS recycled PU mousepad

      As low as £4.96
    3. Swiss Peak RCS recycled PU Desk organiser

      As low as £15.43
    4. RGB gaming mousepad

      As low as £18.51
    5. Impact AWARE RPET Foldable desk organizer with laptop stand

      As low as £44.01
    6. Swiss Peak GRS recycled PU desk mat

      As low as £18.06
    7. Utah RCS recycled plastic and bamboo calculator

      As low as £13.67
    8. A5 Bamboo Notebook

      As low as £4.87
    9. Clifton Jotter

      As low as £1.22
    10. A5 Reveal Notebook

      As low as £3.88
    11. 3 in 1 Natural Notebook

      As low as £1.59
    12. A5 Coffee Notebook

      As low as £2.27
    13. Bailey

      As low as £0.71
    14. Camelot Pen Set

      As low as £1.68
    15. Pencil Sharpener

      As low as £0.39
    16. Mood Pocket Notebook

      As low as £2.12
    17. Mood Notebook

      As low as £2.58
    18. Pencil Sharpener

      As low as £0.36
    19. Milano Pocket Notebook

      As low as £5.96
    20. Geneva Conference Folder

      As low as £16.84
    21. Geneva Conference Folder with Power Bank

      As low as £32.67
    22. Snap Circular Eraser

      As low as £0.66
    23. Snap Eraser

      As low as £0.66
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    The Many Benefits of Using Branded Stationery Products as Promotional Merchandise

    There are many reasons to use branded stationery products as promotional merchandise for your business. They are a great way to promote your brand and show your customers that you are professional and committed to quality. Branded stationery products also make excellent corporate gifts - they are received well with customers and with employees. They are practical, affordable and can be customised to suit your specific marketing needs.

    How Branded Stationery Products Can Help Promote Your Brand

    Using branded stationery products is an excellent way to promote your business to both staff and customers. Stationery is always in demand so make sure your company logo is printed on it to get yourself noticed. In a brand-conscious office environment, it's a great way to reinforce brand messages every time a member of staff visits the stationery cupboard. For hybrid workers, branded stationery provides a great opportunity to reinforce your business values, even when staff are distance working - just send them a pack of stationery supplies! Your branded stationery also gets exposure at client visits, meetings and whilst staff are commuting to add that extra impact.

    The Practicality of Branded Stationery Products

    Branded stationery products also make excellent corporate gifts that are both practical and often low cost. Your clients will appreciate receiving a useful gift that they can use on a daily basis. By giving away branded pens, branded notebooks, promotional notepads, printed sticky notes, promotional coasters and other branded desk items printed with your company logo, you are reaching potential clients over the long term. Every time your promotional product is used, repetitive brand impressions add up resulting in your name being committed to their memory for recall when your service or product is required. That's a win!

    Affordable Branded Stationery Products

    Another big advantage of using branded stationery products as promotional merchandise is that they are relatively low cost, making them affordable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking for a few hundred branded rulers or a larger order of promotional notepads, there's sure to be a stationery product within your budget. And, with the vast range of stationery available, you can tailor your order to meet your specific marketing needs.

    Designing Your Branded Stationery

    One of the great things about using promotional stationery products is that they can be tailored for your marketing campaign. Most stationery products can be customised to some degree to ensure they perfectly represent your brand, be that a wide choice of colour options or multiple print positions.

    Most paper-based promotional products can be printed full colour allowing your creativity to go wild. Instead of a simple A5 printed notepad with your logo in the corner, why not create a daily planner design to help organisation and prioritisation of workload? As it is still a full colour print, this is included in the price making it a really cheap promotional product. Alternatively you could add a different inspirational quote to each sheet to boost morale; variable print is becoming increasingly popular for personalisation and to change the messaging over time on a product that lasts many months.

    When it comes to colours, promotional stationery is one of the most colourful ranges of promotional merchandise. You are sure to find a product that matches your brand colours, then all you have to do is think about your printed message and branding to really deliver return on your marketing investment.


    Shop our range of Branded Stationery products, and if you have any questions at all just get in contact. We’re here to help!