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  • Branded Water Bottles

    Personalised water bottles

    Are you looking for something that's unique and personalized? Well, you're in luck! Personalized water bottles are all the rage. You can customise them with your name, a cool company logo, or a special events message. They make for the perfect gift for your giveaways, or employees or a stylish accessory for your own personal use. These bottles come in all shapes and sizes, made from different materials like plastic, stainless steel, glass, and aluminium. Imagine your customers sipping their favourite drink from your branded water bottle, how cool is that!

    With as little as 2% loss of your body's water content, dehydration can have a noticeable effect on your physical and mental performance.  Stay hydrated with branded water bottles from Hambleside Merchandise.  We have a huge range of promotional water bottles, tailored to a vast number of activities. Personalised water bottles for your running club are really popular.

    Promotional printed water bottles are an excellent way to support a heathy working environment. With a vast array of colours and sizes, we ensure your branding is clearly visible on sports water bottles or insulated metal bottles (for those cold days). 


    Branded Water BottlesBranded Water Bottles
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    1. Mood Vacuum Bottle - Powder Coated

      As low as £9.21
    2. Mood Stainless Steel Bottle

      As low as £11.11
    3. Glen Insulated Flask

      As low as £8.30
    4. Pollock Aluminium Drinks Bottle

      As low as £3.15
    5. Stephanie 700ml Tritan Bottle

      As low as £4.12
    6. Printed Tube for Bottles

      As low as £2.94
    7. Lowick 500ml Drink Bottle

      As low as £2.95
    8. Ashford Pop Insulated Bottle

      As low as £7.45
    9. Eclipse Bottle

      As low as £3.81
    10. Lottie 750ml Colour Bottle

      As low as £3.06
    11. Herring 750ml Metal Bottle

      As low as £4.40
    12. Evander Water Bottle

      As low as £3.06
    13. Ashford Water Bottle

      As low as £5.69
    14. Metallic Foldable Water Bottle

      As low as £1.03
    15. Charlie 550ml Plastic Bottle

      As low as £2.88
    16. Arden Water Bottle with Cork Lid

      As low as £7.34
    17. Personalised Gym Bottle

      As low as £3.25
    18. Jennings Water Bottle

      As low as £2.51
    19. Puma 725ml Sports Bottle

      As low as £3.38
    20. Asford range box

      As low as £0.60
    21. Tarn 750ml Bottle

      As low as £3.06
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    Customised Water Bottles

    Its important to focus on the various materials used in the construction of your customised water bottle to make sure they work for your purpose.

    Our customised water bottles can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, stainless steel, glass, and aluminium and have a large selection of lids, cap and shapes. All bottles have large areas for branding with you logo and can be printed in a variety of methods to achieve your budget.

    Each material has its own set of pros and cons. For example, plastic water bottles are lightweight and inexpensive. We ensure all the plastics are food safe, so don’t leach chemicals into your drink – some suppliers might offer you cheaper prices but make sure that you don’t compromise on safety. However, plastic is not as durable as other materials. Stainless steel water bottles are more durable, but they can be heavy and more expensive. Glass water bottles are non-toxic, but they can be fragile and wont suit applications where they are likely to be dropped and are generally heavier than plastic. Find out more about:

    Metal Water Bottles
    Plastic Water Bottles
    Insulated Water Bottles

    Branded Water Bottles

    Branded water bottles are an excellent marketing tool for businesses and organizations. Branded water bottles can be used as an effective marketing tool for businesses and organisations. By putting their logo or brand name on a water bottle, businesses can increase brand awareness and exposure. Additionally, by giving away branded water bottles as gifts or promotional items, businesses can attract new customers and build goodwill with existing ones.

    Innovations in water bottle design and new features, such as filtration systems or built-in straws: Water bottle design has come a long way in recent years. Today, water bottles come with a variety of features such as built-in filtration systems, built-in straws, and leak-proof designs. This can make them more convenient and versatile than ever before.

    Reusable Water Bottles

    Using a reusable water bottle is not only better for the environment, as it reduces the amount of plastic waste, but it can also save you money in the long run. Reusable water bottles are also more convenient as you can refill them as many times as you want, and can come in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel or glass, that can keep your drink cold or hot for an extended period of time.

    Singles Use Plastic Water Bottles

    Consider the environmental impact of single use plastic water bottle waste and the benefits of moving towards branded plastic water bottles, made with recycled or environmentally friendly materials. Single use Plastic water bottles have a significant environmental impact as they can take hundreds of years to degrade, and they contribute to the growing problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and landfills. Branded water bottles can play a role in reducing this impact by encouraging people to use a reusable water bottle instead of disposable plastic bottles. With a branded bottle, people look after and retain for a lot longer, thus reducing waste.

    Personalised Drink Bottles

    Choosing the right  personalised drink bottle depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as the size of the water bottle, its durability, and insulation capabilities. If you plan on taking your water bottle on outdoor adventures, a durable and insulated bottle may be better suited. If you're looking for a bottle that you can easily carry around during your daily commute or work, a smaller, lightweight bottle might be more appropriate. Additionally, you should also consider the intended use of the water bottle, for example, if you will be using it for sports or hiking, a water bottle with a built-in straw or carabiner clip could be useful. The material of the bottle is also an important factor, as it affects the durability, insulation, and taste of the water.

    Eco Friendly Water Bottles

    We are really pleased to see a marked shift and increasing trend towards eco-friendly and sustainable water bottles, such as those made from recycled materials or biodegradable plastics. This is fantastic for your promotional product options. With branded water bottles constantly evolving, with new designs and features being introduced regularly, we are also seeing a reduction in price. There is also growing demand for water bottles with built-in filters and purification systems, which are also increasing people perception of value, but also driving an increase in retention – ideal for keeping you brand in front of people for longer.

    Gym Water Bottle

    What to look for in the perfect gym water bottle?

    When looking for the perfect gym water bottle, there are a few things to consider to make sure it fits your needs and preferences:

    1. Size and Capacity: Consider how much water you'll need to stay hydrated during your workout. If you're just doing a quick workout, a smaller bottle may be enough, but if you're planning on a longer workout, you may want a larger capacity bottle.
    2. Material: Look for a water bottle made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a gym environment. Stainless steel or BPA-free plastic bottles are great options as they are durable and easy to clean.
    3. Insulation: If you want to keep your water cold during a workout, look for a water bottle with insulation. Insulated water bottles can keep your water cold for hours, making them perfect for hot summer days and intense workouts.
    4. Leakproof and Sweatproof: Make sure the water bottle you choose is leakproof and sweatproof to avoid any accidents or damage to your gym bag or belongings.
    5. Easy to Clean: Consider a water bottle that is easy to clean, especially if you're going to be using it frequently. Some bottles have wide mouths, or are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean and sanitize.
    6. Convenience: Look for a water bottle with a carry handle or a carabiner clip, making it easy to take it with you on the go.
    7. Additional features: Some water bottles come with additional features such as built-in straws, filtration systems, measurement markings and more. These can be helpful depending on your needs.
    8. Design: Choose a water bottle that has a design that will appeal to the largest audience - it will make them more motivated to use it.

    Branded Water Bottles – FAQ

    Can you source branded water bottles made in the UK

    Absolutely, please contact us directly and we will be able to advise you of the best option UK manufactured bottles. 

    What are the most popular company branded water bottles?

    This really depend on your choice of material. If you are looking for a branded metal water bottle then we would recommend you start by looking at the . If you are need alot of company branded water bottle the Lottie Water Bottle offers a large number of base colours, printing area and excellent price point.  A lot of companies are looking for the highest quality branded water bottle - you can beat the Mood Bottle.

    Do you supply branded water bottles uk no minimum order?

    Yes, there are a selection of branded water bottles that we manufacture individually, however, the unit price drops significantly with volume.

    What is your most popular insulated water bottle?

    The Ashford Pop Insulated Bottle is our most popular insulated water bottle. Its price point, high quality and price makes it ideal for most situations.

    Which custom water bottles have the largest choice of printing methods?

    The Evander Water Bottle is a good all rounder. You have a large number of base colours to choose from and a fantastic printing area which can be printed in full colour.

    What is the most popular eco friendly water bottle?

    We recommend you look at the Pollock Aluminium Drinks Bottle eco friendly water bottle. If you really want to push the boat out, we can manufacture a custom water bottle specifically for sustainability events – make the waterbottle the logo itself!

    What is the cheapest branded water bottle?

    If your budget is really tight and you want the best value, the Fold Up Water Bottle is the perfect choice for you. However, we will always encourage you to consider the ethical and environmental impacts and offer you an alternative – you may be surprised by the small cost increase matching your ethical intent.

    Reusable branded water bottles - perfect to promote hydration

    Branded reusable bottles help reduce single-use plastic and can help cut down the amount of plastic pollution we generate. This makes them an ideal promotional product for companies trying to encourage eco-friendly choices whilst supporting messages around hydration and wellbeing. Branded water bottles come in a wide range of styles and colours to match any brand and suit many purposes to make them really appealing to your target audience. The big print area also allows you to maximise your marketing message and make the most impact. It’s clear why the promotional sports bottle is a 2022 bestseller!

    Whether you need thermal bottles to keep your drinks hot or cold, water bottles, sports bottles for the gym or outdoor events, or even glass bottles. You can be assured that with your logo, they will be advertising your business to its fullest potential.  

    Explore our range of bestselling promotional bottles at affordable prices and remember, at Hambleside Merchandise we are alway excited to talk about Branded Water Bottles!