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  • Personalised Colouring Pencils

    Personalised colouring pencils are here to add a splash of colour to your marketing strategy and bring out the inner artist in everyone. These aren't just pencils; they're your brand's way of encouraging creativity, relaxation, and a bit of fun in our all-too-often busy lives. Perfect for schools, art workshops, or as a delightful addition to any corporate event, these pencils come in a rainbow of colours ready to make any sketch or doodle pop. Imagine the smiles as both kids and adults alike discover these treasures in their goody bags, instantly connecting your brand with positive vibes and playful moments. With your logo printed on the pack, every stroke of colour becomes a reminder of your brand's creative spirit. So, let's turn the page to a more colourful chapter in your promotional efforts with some vibrant personalised colouring pencils!

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    1. Hi-Wood Mini Highlighters Pencil Set

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    2. Topper Colouring Set

      As low as £1.82
    3. Branded Colouring Pencils

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    4. Colouring Pencils Half Size

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    5. Colouring Pencils Half Size

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    6. Colouring Pencils Full Size

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    7. Crayons - 6 Pack

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    8. Crayons - 12 Pack

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    9. Aquarel Felt Tip Pens

      As low as £1.52
    10. Colouring Crayons 6 Pack

      As low as £0.74
    11. Colouring Case Set

      As low as £1.91
    12. Penny Natural Desk Set

      As low as £4.47
    13. Grimond Colouring Pencil Set in Tube

      As low as £1.08
    14. Doodle Pencil Set

      As low as £0.72
    15. Tube Colouring Set

      As low as £0.84
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    Colouring Pencils

    Colouring pencils are a fantastic tool to add vibrancy and engagement to your marketing efforts, perfectly blending fun with functionality. Here’s how they can brighten up your promotional activities:

    • Boost Brand Visibility - coloured pencils keep your logo in plain sight, not just on the pencils but as part of the creative projects they bring to life. Every use is a subtle reminder of your brand, enhancing visibility.
    • Encourage Creativity - Colour pencils invite users to express themselves, associating your brand with creativity and relaxation. This positive connection can elevate your brand's image beyond traditional promotional items.
    • Versatile Appeal - coloured pencils for colouring appeal to a wide audience, from children in educational settings to adults enjoying colouring as a form of stress relief. This versatility makes them ideal for a variety of events and giveaways.
    • Memorable Giveaways - Unlike conventional promotional items, colouring pencil sets are unique and memorable. They stand out at events, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.
    • Enhance Brand Perception - Offering personalised coloring pencils can enhance your brand's perception by showcasing your commitment to supporting artistic endeavours and providing value beyond the usual.

    Incorporating promotional colouring pencils into your strategy not only colours your brand in a positive light but also offers a practical, enjoyable way for people to engage with your brand on a daily basis. Whether for school-related events, corporate wellness programs, or as part of a creative marketing campaign, these pencils can make your brand a part of someone's creative journey.


    Coloured Pencils - FAQs

    Are these colouring pencils suitable for all age groups?

    Yes, our promotional colouring pencils are designed to be enjoyed by users of all ages. They're perfect for children's educational activities, adult colouring books, or anyone looking to unleash their creativity.

    How eco-friendly are the promotional coloured pencils?

    Hambleside Merchandise is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly options for our promotional colouring pencils. These are made from sustainable materials, ensuring your promotional efforts are not only colourful but also green.

    What is the minimum order quantity for personalised colouring pencils?

    The minimum order quantity varies depending on the specific product. We strive to accommodate orders of all sizes to ensure you get just what you need for your promotional campaign.

    Are personalised coloured pencils stocked in the UK?

    Yes, we stock some promotional colouring pencils in the UK, allowing for quick and efficient delivery across the country. This ensures we can meet your needs promptly, especially for those last-minute events.

    Is it possible to order colouring pencils printed with my logo for a specific event on short notice?

    While we always aim to accommodate urgent requests, the feasibility will depend on the specifics of your order and our current production schedule. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to discuss your needs and timelines.

    Can I request a digital mock-up of my custom colouring pencils before production?

    Absolutely! We provide digital mock-ups of your custom colouring pencils with your branding applied, so you can approve the design and make any necessary adjustments before we proceed with production.