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  • Branded Sweet Treats

    Diving into the delightful world of branded sweet treats, where every bite is a sweet journey with your brand! Imagine the joy and surprise on people's faces when they discover these aren't just any treats, but ones that carry your logo, message, or design baked right into them. Perfect for corporate events, client meetings, or as a thank you gesture, these delicious branded biscuits and cakes transform a simple snack into a memorable brand experience. From scrumptious branded cookies to elegant branded cake jars, each piece is a tasty opportunity to make a lasting impression. Whether it’s a launch party, a holiday gift, or just because, biscuits and cakes are sure to get people talking (and tasting) your brand in the most positive light.


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    Branded biscuits and cakes sweeten your promotional strategy, offering a unique and delicious way to leave a lasting impression. Here's how they sprinkle extra delight into your marketing efforts:

    • Personal Touch - Personalised cookies and biscuits bring a personal touch to your events and giveaways, making recipients feel valued with bespoke treats that bear your brand's signature.
    • Memorable Branding - Branded cookies, along with branded cakes, transform every bite into a memorable brand experience, ensuring your message sticks long after the last crumb has disappeared.
    • Enhanced Engagement - Offering personalised biscuit or cake at events encourages engagement, sparking conversations and positive associations with your brand.
    • Versatile Promotion - Whether it's corporate biscuit tins for a special client or promotional biscuits at a trade show, these edible goodies adapt to any promotional need, fitting seamlessly into corporate gatherings, product launches, or as thoughtful thank-you gifts.
    • Broad Appeal - Everyone loves a sweet treat, making bespoke biscuits and branded cakes a universally appealing promotional item that transcends age, industry, and interest.

    Incorporating branded cakes and biscuits into your promotional mix not only captivates taste buds but also creates a distinctive and enjoyable brand experience that’s hard to forget.


    Branded Biscuits and Personalised Cakes FAQs

    Are there any allergens in your biscuits and cakes?

    A full list of the relevant allergens can be found on each product page. We have gluten-free cupcakes and brownies available to accommodate various dietary needs.

    Can I customise the design on the biscuits and cakes?

    Absolutely! You can customize your branded biscuits and cakes with your logo, message, or any design that suits your brand's needs. Our team at Hambleside Merchandise will work with you to ensure the final product perfectly reflects your brand identity.

    What packaging options are available for corporate biscuit tins and cake boxes?

    We offer a range of packaging options, from elegant corporate biscuit tins to bespoke cake boxes, all of which can be branded to complement your promotional items and enhance the overall presentation.

    What are the lead times for personalised biscuits and cakes?

    As you would expect, lead times vary depending on the product as well as the size of the order. We can usually accommodate most requests and timescales. Whether you're planning well in advance or need something on a tighter deadline, we'll do our best to meet your needs.

    How can I purchase online?

    To purchase, simply select the product you are interested in, and complete your purchase directly online. You'll have the option to upload your design during the ordering process. Once we receive your order and design, we will send you a proof to ensure everything looks exactly right before we proceed with production. This process ensures that the final product will meet your expectations and branding requirements.

    What choice of flavours do you offer for branded biscuits?

    We offer a range including the always popular shortbread, ‘Maryland’ style choc chip cookies, spicy ginger, and caramel flavour. Our selection is designed to cater to a variety of tastes, ensuring there's something delicious for everyone to enjoy.