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  • Branded Multi-function Keyrings

    Multi Tool Keyring

    Branded multi-function keyrings are the ultimate accessory for the modern, on-the-go individual. Not only do they keep your keys organized, but they also pack a punch with added functions like bottle openers, flashlights, and even scissors! These keyrings are a great way to show off your personality and style, as they come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a tech-savvy professional, or just someone who likes to be prepared for anything, a branded multi-function keyring is the perfect addition to your everyday carry. And the best part? They make for a fantastic promotional gift, with your brand name or logo prominently displayed for all to see. So why settle for a boring keyring when you can have a multi-functional, branded one that's sure to impress!

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    1. Key Shaped Bottle Opener Keyring

      As low as £0.61
    2. Keyring Torch

      As low as £1.51
    3. Taranto 3 in 1 Keyring

      As low as £0.51
    4. Magnetic Bottle Opener

      As low as £0.68
    5. Oracle Metal Bottle Opener Keyring

      As low as £1.88
    6. Dunbar Bottle Opener Keyring with Phone Stand

      As low as £0.75
    7. Haxby Aluminium Torch Keyring

      As low as £1.10
    8. Ralli Can and Bottle Opener Keyring

      As low as £0.72
    9. Bottle Opener Keyring

      As low as £0.71
    10. Sofia Bottle Opener Keyring with Torch

      As low as £1.11
    11. Branded Torch Keyring

      As low as £0.65
    12. Everett LED Torch Keyring

      As low as £1.48
    13. Brimson Credit Card Sized Bottle Opener

      As low as £1.23
    14. Montana

      As low as £0.63
    15. Helton Plastic Torch Keyring

      As low as £1.25
    16. Boston Metal Bottle Opener

      As low as £1.73
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    Keyring Tools

    Why use a Keyring Tool as part of a promotional event?

    Looking for a fun and functional way to promote your brand? Look no further than the humble keyring tool! Here are a few scenarios where these handy little accessories would be the perfect giveaway:

    Trade Show Swag: At your next trade show, hand out branded keyring tools to visitors to your booth. They'll appreciate the practicality of the tool and will have a constant reminder of your company every time they reach for their keys.

    Customer Appreciation: Show your customers some love by sending them a branded keyring tool in the mail. They'll be impressed by your thoughtfulness and will have a handy tool to use on the go.

    Product Launch: Announce your latest product with a bang by giving out branded keyring tools at your launch event. Everyone will be talking about your company and your new product, and they'll have a cool tool to show off to their friends.

    Outdoor Adventure: If your company is all about the great outdoors, then a branded keyring tool is the perfect giveaway for your next camping or hiking event. Your customers will love having a handy tool with them on their adventures, and they'll think of your company every time they use it.
    So what are you waiting for? Give the gift of functionality and fun with a branded keyring tool!

    Branded Multi-Purpose Keyrings

    What to consider when choosing a branded Multi-purpose keyrings?

    When choosing a branded multi-purpose keyring, consider the following factors:

    Functionality: What specific functions do you need in a keyring tool? Do you want a basic key holder, or do you need a multi-tool with a variety of functions, such as a bottle opener, screwdriver, or blade?

    Branding: Will you be branding the keyring with your company logo or message? If so, consider the size and placement of the branding, as well as the material and colour of the keyring itself.

    Size and weight: Keyring tools come in a range of sizes, from compact key-sized tools to larger, more comprehensive multi-tools. Consider how much space you have on your keychain and the weight you are comfortable carrying.

    Durability: Consider the materials and construction of the keyring tool. Look for keyrings made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or aircraft-grade  aluminium, and choose a tool that is built to last and keep your brand visible.

    Printed Multi-Function Keyrings

    What are the best branding methods for printed multi-function keyrings?

    The best printing method for printed multi-function keyrings will depend on the material of the keyring and the design you wish to print. Here are some of the most popular printing methods to consider:

    Pad Printing: A versatile printing method that can be used on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and silicone. It is ideal for printing logos and other designs with intricate details.

    Laser Engraving: A permanent marking method that uses a laser to etch a design into the material of the keyring. This method is ideal for printing fine details and is well-suited to metal and other durable materials.

    Screen Printing: A cost-effective method that uses a stencil and ink to print designs onto the keyring. It is best suited to large, bold designs and is commonly used on plastic and silicone keyrings.

    Dye Sublimation: A method that uses heat and pressure to transfer dye into the surface of the keyring. It is ideal for printing high-quality images and designs with bright, vibrant colours.

    Promotional Multi-Function Keyrings

    What are the most popular promotional multi-function keyrings?

    We would always recommend looking at the Dunbar Bottle Opener Keyring with Phone Stand. With excellent feedback from many clients, this is a desirable giveaway, because people see it long-term utility. 

    Keyring Multi Tool

    Can you supply keyring multi tools in bulk?

    Yes, we would recommend you look at the,  Brimson Credit Card Sized Bottle Opener for a keyring that offer most practicality across all spectrums of your client base and has a large area for printing or engraving.  Simple, effective and budget friendly.

    Multitool Keyring

    Are any multitool keyrings manufactured in the UK?

    Whilst most multitool keyrings are manufactured in Europe or the Far East, we are able to source multitool keyrings in the UK.  These tend to offer the highest quality; however, this is reflected in the cost but are ideal for higher end corporate gifts.