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  • Branded Prodir Pens


    The Prodir pen is like the fancy, high-end sports car of the pen world. They're sleek, stylish and so smooth to write with. Plus, they're made in Switzerland, which automatically makes them super fancy, right? These pens are perfect for making a lasting impression, whether you're handing them out at a corporate event or using them to promote your business. Just imagine, people will be showing off their shiny new branded prodir pen, and it'll have your company's logo on it. Talk about a win-win! So, if you're looking for a branded pen that will make you stand out from the crowd, Prodir is the way to go!

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    Pro dir

    Branded Prodir pens are like the ultimate accessory for your brand. Imagine, your company's logo or branding on a sleek and stylish Prodir pen, it's like having a mini billboard in people's pockets! Not only do they look fancy and high-end, but they also write like a dream. It's a win-win situation. Giving away branded Prodir pens as a corporate gift or using them as part of a marketing campaign is a surefire way to make a lasting impression on customers and increase brand awareness

    Promotional Prodir Pens

    Can I buy Prodir Pens with no minimum order?

    Yes, but the unit price reduces significantly when ordered in bulk.  Generally, if you are looking for an individual pen, it may be better you source from a retailer; however, as soon as you need branding the team at Hambleside Merchandise will get you the best prices.

    What is the lead time for a Prodir pen?

    The average lead time for a Branded Prodir Pen is 7 days.  However, if you need your pens quicker, please call the team to see what reductions in delivery time we can make.

    Are Prodir pens made in the uk?

    Prodir pens are not made in the UK, they are made in Switzerland. The company is based in the Ticino region of Switzerland, which is known for its precision engineering and watchmaking industries. The pens are designed and manufactured in-house by Prodir, ensuring a high level of quality control and attention to detail. The brand has been in the market for many years and is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the design of its pens.

    What Prodir Pens an excellent promotional pen?

    Prodir DS3

    The Prodir DS3 is a popular pen due to its sleek and modern design, which will appeal to the widest range of our customers. The pen is made with precision engineering and high-quality materials that give it a premium look and feel. Additionally, the DS3 pen has a smooth and comfortable grip that makes it easy to hold and write with. Its minimalist design also makes it a versatile pen that can be used for a variety of occasions and purposes. We have found its popularity also emanates from its wide range of customisation options and the variety of colours available.  An excellent branded pen.

    Prodir QS01

    Prodir QS01 is a classic and elegant pen, perfect for those looking for a more traditional look.

    Prodir DS7

    Prodir DS7 is a great all-round pen and is popular for its soft-touch finish and comfortable grip.

    Prodir DS8

    Prodir DS8 is a modern and minimalist pen, perfect for those who prefer a simple and clean design.

    Prodir DS9

    Prodir DS9 is a perfect for those looking for a pen with a more ergonomic and comfortable grip.

    Do you stock prodir pen refills?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to supply refills.  However, with an excellent supply network for refills, you can pick up a replacement at most stores and supermarkets.  We really love the fact that you can pick up replacements easily, as it will encourage people to retain the pen and refill - ideal to retain your branded pen longer and reduce pen waste.