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  • Printed Coasters

    Dive into the fun world of printed coasters! These little promotional powerhouses are perfect for keeping your brand in plain sight, whether on office desks, coffee tables or in a hospitality setting. Imagine your logo or quirky design on a coaster, popping up at gatherings, meetings, and coffee breaks. They're not just practical for mug parking; they're conversation starters and subtle reminders of your brand. Ideal for any event or as a thoughtful corporate gift. Printed coasters are a smart, stylish way to make your message stick. So, let's spread your brand's charm, one coaster at a time!

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    Branded Coasters

    Branded coasters serve as a smart, subtle way to enhance your promotional efforts, seamlessly blending into both professional and personal settings. Here’s how they can benefit your promotional activities:

    • Wide Visibility: Custom coasters find their way onto tables and desks everywhere, ensuring your brand gets widespread visibility. Every sip from a cup or glass on a coaster is a reminder of your brand.
    • Cost-Effective Marketing: Coaster printing offers an affordable way to promote your brand. With options like promotional coasters and promotional cork coasters, you get high exposure for a relatively low investment.
    • Functional Giveaways: Unlike some promotional items that may never see the light of day, branded coasters are practical. They protect surfaces while promoting your brand, making them valuable to recipients.
    • Enhanced Brand Image: High-quality, well-designed coasters can elevate your brand’s image. They show that you care about detail and quality, enhancing customer perception.
    • Eco-friendly Options: For brands committed to sustainability, promotional cork coasters offer an eco-friendly promotional solution, aligning your marketing with environmental values.

    Incorporating branded coasters into your promotional strategy not only puts your brand in front of your audience daily but does so in a practical, stylish, and memorable way. They're perfect for events, giveaways, or as part of a broader branded merchandise campaign, making them a versatile tool in any marketer's toolkit.


    Custom Coasters - FAQs

    Can we customise the design on branded coasters?

    Yes, you can fully customise the design on branded coasters, including logos, messages, and artwork. There are also a few shapes to choose from. Whether you prefer a subtle logo or a full-colour, coaster printing allows for creative and effective branding.

    Are there minimum order quantities for custom printed coasters?

    Yes, there are minimum order quantities for custom printed coasters, which vary depending on the coaster material and design complexity. This ensures cost-effectiveness and quality production.

    Can promotional coasters be used for outdoor events?

    Absolutely! Promotional coasters are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. Materials like cork and plastic are especially suitable for outdoor settings, offering durability and functionality.

    Do you offer eco-friendly options for custom coasters?

    Yes, at Hambleside Merchandise we offer eco-friendly options for promotional coasters, including materials like recycled cork and recycled plastics. These options allow you to promote your brand while minimising environmental impact. However, also consider our branded beer mats made here in the UK from sustainably sourced pulp board, printed with vegetable based inks and the mats are 100% recyclable after use.

    How can I ensure my branded coaster design stands out?

    To ensure your branded coaster design stands out, consider bold colours, clear logos, and creative artwork that reflects your brand identity. Our team can also offer guidance to make your coasters eye-catching and memorable.

    How durable are printed coasters?

    The durability of promotional coasters depends on the material. Cork and certain plastics offer longevity, ensuring your brand remains visible over time. We select materials that balance durability with aesthetic appeal for the best promotional impact.

    Are your coasters UK stocked?

    Yes, a selection of our coasters are stocked right here in the UK. This local availability ensures quicker turnaround times for your orders, making it easy and efficient to include these promotional items in your upcoming campaigns or events.