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  • Branded Folders

    Welcome to the vibrant world of branded folders, where organization meets personality in the most delightful way possible! Dive into our collection and discover a kaleidoscope of colors, designs, and styles that are sure to elevate your organizational game to new heights. Whether you're a savvy business professional, a meticulous student, or a creative genius, our branded folders are here to add a dash of flair to your daily routine. From sleek and professional designs perfect for the boardroom to playful and whimsical options that make studying a joy, there's a branded folder here to suit every taste and need. So go ahead, spice up your paperwork with a touch of personality – because who said staying organized had to be boring?

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    1. Geneva Conference Folder

      As low as £16.84
    2. Geneva Conference Folder with Power Bank

      As low as £32.67
    3. Milano Folder with Power Bank

      As low as £39.01
    4. Canvas File Holder

      As low as £1.78
    5. Sullivan Document Bag

      As low as £4.11
    6. Crosshatch Document Wallet

      As low as £2.72
    7. Pickering Zipped A4

      As low as £15.22
    8. A4 Bristol

      As low as £1.98
    9. Hyde Document Folder

      As low as £0.92
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    Presentation Folders

    Make a lasting impression with our sleek and professional presentation folders. Designed to showcase your documents in style, these folders are perfect for business meetings, conferences, or client pitches. With pockets and slots to keep your materials organized and secure, our presentation folders ensure you always look polished and prepared, no matter the occasion.

    Business Folders

    Stay ahead of the game with our range of sophisticated business folders. Whether you're keeping track of important documents, organizing your notes, or presenting proposals, our business folders are the perfect accessory for the modern professional. With sleek designs and durable construction, these folders combine style and functionality to keep you on top of your game.

    Document Folders

    Keep your important papers safe and organized with our selection of document folders. Whether you're storing contracts, reports, or project plans, our document folders offer the perfect solution for keeping everything in one place. With various sizes and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect folder to suit your needs and keep your paperwork looking neat and tidy.

    Wallet Folder

    Streamline your everyday carry with our innovative wallet folders. Perfect for keeping your essentials organized on the go, these folders combine the functionality of a wallet with the organizational capabilities of a folder. With slots for cards, a pocket for cash, and space for documents, our wallet folders are the perfect accessory for busy professionals who need to stay organized and stylish at all times.

    Custom Folders

    Make a statement with our custom folders, tailored to your unique specifications. Whether you're looking to add your logo, brand colors, or a personalized design, our custom folders allow you to create a one-of-a-kind accessory that reflects your individual style and brand identity. Perfect for corporate events, promotional materials, or special projects, our custom folders are sure to leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike.

    Branded Presentation Folders

    Elevate your professional image with our branded presentation folders. Featuring your logo or company name, these folders are the perfect way to showcase your brand identity while keeping your documents organized and secure. Whether you're making a sales pitch, presenting at a conference, or meeting with clients, our branded presentation folders ensure you always leave a lasting impression.

    Card Folders

    Organize your business cards in style with our sleek and sophisticated card folders. Perfect for networking events, trade shows, or meetings, these folders keep your cards clean, crisp, and easily accessible. With various styles and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect card folder to suit your personal or professional needs.