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  • Branded Premium Metal Pens

    Step into the world of sophistication with Branded Premium Metal Pens, where elegance meets functionality in the most delightful way! Imagine holding a sleek, premium metal pen, customised to feature your brand's logo or message, gliding smoothly over paper as you jot down notes, sign important documents, or brainstorm your next big idea.

    With their durable build and refined appearance, these metal pens offer sting impression of your brand, ensuring that every stroke not only writes your words but also speaks volumes about your commitment to excellence.

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    1. Sefton Metal Pen

      As low as £2.44
    2. Pierre Cardin Moulin Ballpen

      As low as £5.87
    3. Pierre Cardin Biarritz Ballpen

      As low as £4.80
    4. Pierre Cardin Fontaine Ball Pen

      As low as £5.43
    5. Pierre Cardin Clarence Stainless Steel Ballpen

      As low as £2.21
    6. Boxed Da Vinci Ball Pen

      As low as £6.95
    7. Pierre Cardin Chamonix Ballpen

      As low as £9.13
    8. Chalfont Ballpoint Pen

      As low as £2.99
    9. Pierre Cardin Clermont Ballpen

      As low as £7.17
    10. Pierre Cardin Opera Ballpen

      As low as £9.61
    11. Pierre Cardin Belfort Ballpen

      As low as £9.87
    12. Cobra Braid Ballpoint Pens

      As low as £5.69
    13. Pierre Cardin Bayeux Ballpen

      As low as £4.38
    14. Pierre Cardin Avignon Ball Pen

      As low as £13.60
    15. Churchill Ball Pen

      As low as £2.08
    16. Chorus Ballpoint Pen

      As low as £2.84
    17. Knightsbridge Executive Ball Pen

      As low as £6.77
    18. Grosvenor Executive Ball Pen

      As low as £6.79
    19. Grafton Ballpoint Pen

      As low as £8.22
    20. Envoy Branded Pen

      As low as £1.56
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    Branded premium metal pens are a cut above when it comes to promotional strategies, blending luxury with practicality in a way that can significantly boost your brand's image. Here's how they can benefit your promotional events, giveaways, and branding efforts:

    • Engraved Metal Pens for a Personal Touch: Offering engraved metal pens adds a personal touch to your promotional items. Engraving your logo or message on a metal pen ensures it lasts as long as the pen itself, creating a lasting brand impression.
    • Ballpoint Pens for Everyday Use: Opting for a ball pen or ballpoint pens ensures your promotional item is not only luxurious but also practical for everyday use. These pens are known for their reliability and smooth writing, making them a favourite among professionals.
    • Durability: The durability of a metal pen makes it a preferred choice for business and corporate settings. Its robust build ensures it can withstand daily use, keeping your brand in the hands of your audience for longer.
    • Perfect for Business Pens and Company Pens: Premium metal pens serve as excellent business pens or company pens, reinforcing your brand's professionalism. They're perfect for distributing within your organization or gifting to clients and partners.
    • Luxury Branded Pens for Exclusive Gifts: Luxury branded pens stand out as exclusive gifts, ideal for special occasions or high-value giveaways. They communicate value and appreciation, strengthening relationships with key stakeholders.


    Incorporating branded premium metal pens into your promotional toolkit not only elevates your brand but also offers a tangible reflection of your company's values and commitment to quality. Whether it's for an event giveaway, a corporate gift, or part of your branding materials, these pens can leave a lasting impression, making them a smart investment in your brand's future.


    Luxury Branded Pens - FAQs

    Can I get my logo engraved on premium metal pens?

    Yes, you can have your logo or message precisely engraved on premium metal pens, offering a sophisticated and permanent branding solution that reflects your company's commitment to quality.

    What types of premium metal pens are available?

    Our selection includes a variety of styles, from sleek ballpoint pens to elegant rollerball and fountain pens. Whether you're looking for a classic metal pen or a luxury branded pen, we have options to suit every taste and promotional need.

    How do I choose the right luxury branded pen for my brand?

    Consider your audience, the reason for gifting, and your branding message when choosing a luxury branded pen. We would always advise you spend as much as your budget will allow for this type opf corporate gift as the perceived value can be boosted with a weightier finish, more luxurious presentation box etc. The branding will likely be discreet in this sphere too. You want the recipient to remember who has gifted it but be happy to use the pen for a lifetime. Our team can help you select a pen that aligns with your brand's image and goals, ensuring your corporate pen makes the desired impact.

    Are your branded premium metal pens stocked in the UK?

    Yes, some of our branded premium metal pens are stocked in the UK, ensuring quick and efficient access for all your promotional needs. This allows for faster delivery times and easier fulfilment of orders across the country, making it convenient to incorporate these elegant promotional items into your marketing strategy.

    Do you offer presentation boxes for premium metal pens?

    Yes, at Hambleside Merchandise we offer a selection of presentation boxes and packaging options that add an extra touch of class to your branded pens. These boxes not only enhance the gifting experience but also provide a protective casing for the pens, making them even more special.