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Promotional pens are the number 1 bestseller when it comes to promotional giveaways. They’ve been tried and tested for years, proving a great way for UK business to promote their brand. From cheap printed pens to quality metal pens engraved with your company logo, our wide range has a pen to suit everyone, including well-known pen brands to give quality assurance.

Think about who you are giving your branded pen to and how you expect it to be used? Some promotional pens pass through the hands of 8 or more users in their lifetime – that’s a huge amount of brand visibility! An expensive personalised pen will stay with one owner for the whole of it’s lifetime which may span tens of years.

The range of sustainable branded pens is growing rapidly to help you share your ethical values in all your marketing collateral. Choose from eco materials such as wheatstraw pens and bamboo pens or properties that make pens recyclable or compostable at end of life. Look out for the label and further information in the product descriptions.    

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Increase brand visibility everyday with promotional pens

Promotional pens are the number 1 bestselling promotional merchandise product. Promotional pens are an excellent way to promote your brand and get your message across to potential customers. Branded pens are a great way to make a lasting impression on your target audience and company pens are an essential item for any business, both big and small making them really practical. Show your appreciation to your employees or clients by giving them something they can use every day and that will remind them of your company every time they use it. Promotional pens are a popular way to market your business at events and trade shows. They're easy to transport and hand out, and they're always well-received. Promotional pens can be given away as freebies, used as prizes in competitions, or sold as merchandise.

How to choose the right promotional pen for your brand?

There are hundreds of printed pens to choose from, so where do you start? Firstly consider what you intend to use the branded pen for? Who will you give it to? How will it be distributed? What company branding do you want printed on your pen? These questions determine the key criteria to influence your choice. Promotional pens are available in many different styles, materials, and colours. Choose a pen that is appropriate for your target audience and your budget.

What style of promotional pen is best for your marketing campaign?

There will be a style of promotional pen that is best for your business. For example, a University might opt for a pen and highlighter duo pen as it's suited to their student audience. A legal firm might select a black gel pen for it's suitability signing documents. A marketing agency might select a plastic pen with a large full colour print area to maximise their design.

Some popular promotional pen styles include Ballpoint Pens, Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens, Gel Pens, Highlighter Pens, Multifunction Pens, Multicolour Pens, Promotional Pencils. Browse our range to see what suits your brand and what promotional giveaway pen would be best suited to your target audience.

What material should you pick for your branded pens?

Once you've decided on the style of promotional pen you want, consider the material it's made from. Promotional pens are available primarily in plastic, metal and wood. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Promotional plastic pens are the most popular type of printed pen. They're affordable, lightweight, and come in a wide range of colours and styles. Promotional metal pens are slightly more expensive than plastic pens but they're also more durable. Branded executive pens give a range of premium branded pens with luxurious design, discreet branding if required and high-end quality. They're perfect for high-end businesses or as corporate gifts. Promotional wood pens are the most unique and are increasing in popularity due to the natural material choice as a sustainable branded pen option. You could also look at recycled pens and promotional pens made from sustainable materials such as seaweed and plant-based bio materials, if eco-friendly pens are the best match for your brand.

What colour promotional pen should I choose?

The choice of pen colour is important as each colour has a different meaning and can create a different feeling. Promotional white pens are popular in the healthcare industry whilst promotional yellow pens are commonly used in education. Promotional green pens are perfect for eco-friendly campaigns, whereas promotional pink pens often show support for charities such as breast cancer awareness. Promotional blue pens are some of the most popular as they can be used for any brand or industry. Promotional red pens are often seen in fast food restaurants. Promotional black pens ooze sophistication and Promotional silver and Promotional gold pens convey a sense of luxury. Depending on your brand identity and target audience, choose wisely as the pen colour will influence how your brand is perceived.

Do you want to add extra functions to your promotional pens?

Promotional multifunction pens are a fantastic way to give your audience more for their money and maximise the exposure of your brand. Promotional pens with highlighters are perfect for office workers, students and home users. Promotional stylus pens are perfect to use with touch screen devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Think about what practical add-ons would appeal to your recipients.

Optimise return on your promotional giveaway pens

No matter what type of promotional pen you choose, make sure you spend as much as your budget will allow to get the highest quality you can - this represents your brand well. If you intend the corporate pen to stay with one owner or be passed on to many in its lifetime, you want it to last as long as possible for maximum brand visibility and return. You want it to communicate as much about about your brand as possible in it's lifetime for a consistent, long-term advertising message. Promotional pens are a great way to get your brand name out there and make a lasting impression on your target audience.

So, to recap

  1. Material - Promotional pens are typically made from plastic, recycled plastics, compostable plastics, sustainable materials, metal or wood. You can choose a material that best suits your brand and budget.
  2. Size - Promotional pens come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a size that is comfortable to hold and easy to carry around. Samples are available on request for you to test before you buy.
  3. Print Area - Some printed company pens have a larger print area than others. Promotional pens with a larger print area give you more space to brand your logo or message. Plan your design to ensure your choice of printed pen can be branded the way it should!
  4. Style - Promotional pens come in a wide variety of styles, from classic to modern. They can be supplied in a printed gift box or bulk. Choose a style that best represents your brand.
  5. Functionality - Promotional pens can have a wide range of functions, from simple ballpoints to multi-functional tools. Choose a pen that will be most useful to your target audience.
  6. Production Time - Promotional pens have a standard production time of 2-3 weeks from artwork approval. If you need your branded pens sooner, we offer an Express Service on certain linesvat an additional cost. Delivery Time will depend on your location and requirements. Lead Time is stated on every product description to give you an indication of how long you will need to allow for delivery, from proof approval.
  7. Price / Budget - Branded pens can be very affordable, with lots of cheap promotional pens in the range. Cheap printed pens are purchased in bulk to keep the price down. Alternatively, order fewer quality branded pens to add value to your corporate gift and ensure it will be retained long term, reinforcing your brand with every sentence. Choose a price point that fits your budget and needs.

How can my logo be printed on my promotional pens?

Promotional pens can be printed with a variety of methods, including screen printing, digital printing, and engraving. Screen printing is the most popular method as it's the most cost-effective. Digital printing gives you the ability to print full-colour images and photos onto your promotional pens. Engraving is more expensive but gives a high-quality, professional finish and is easy to set-up so available for small orders of branded pens.

Order your promotional pens today and start promoting your brand!