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  • Tech Accessories

    Hop into the vibrant world of tech accessories, where your brand gets a tech-savvy makeover! Imagine power banks, 3-in-1 charger leads, and phone stands, all sporting your logo. These aren't just handy gadgets; they're your brand ambassadors in the digital age. Whether it's saving the day with a charge, bringing tunes to ears, or propping up phones for the perfect viewing angle, these accessories keep your brand in the loop and on the move. At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. We believe in harnessing technology to not only enhance lives but also preserve the planet we call home. That's why many of our tech accessories are crafted from sustainable materials, ensuring that your love for gadgets doesn't come at the expense of the environment. Whether it's recycled plastics, organic fabrics, or bamboo-based products, each item is thoughtfully chosen to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a greener future.Ideal for giveaways or as modern corporate gifts, they make sure your brand stays connected with your audience.

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    1. Printed magnetic phone card holder

      As low as £6.99
    2. Stick 'n Hold phone stand

      As low as £0.67
    3. Ohio RCS certified recycled plastic 6-in-1 cable

      As low as £9.08
    4. Oakland RCS recycled plastic 6-in-1 fast charging 45W cable

      As low as £13.50
    5. Terra RCS recycled aluminium 120 cm 6-in-1 cable

      As low as £6.79
    6. Terra RCS recycled aluminium 6-in-1 charging cable

      As low as £6.53
    7. RCS standard recycled plastic and TPE 6-in-1 cable

      As low as £7.76
    8. RCS recycled TPE and recycled plastic 6-in-1 cable

      As low as £6.97
    9. RCS recycled plastic Ontario 6-in-1 round cable

      As low as £4.90
    10. RCS recycled plastic Ontario 6-in-1 cable

      As low as £6.96
    11. Light up logo 6-in-1 cable

      As low as £8.10
    12. RCS recycled plastic Ontario 6-in-1 retractable cable

      As low as £7.39
    13. Cork and Wheat 6-in-1 retractable cable

      As low as £5.82
    14. 6-in-1 antimicrobial cable

      As low as £6.43
    15. 3-in-1 cable with 5W bamboo wireless charger

      As low as £10.91
    16. 3-in-1 braided cable customised

      As low as £3.02
    17. Branded 3-in-1 retractable cable

      As low as £4.80
    18. 4-in-1 cable with carabiner clip

      As low as £6.51
    19. Terra RCS recycled aluminium tablet & phone stand

      As low as £7.37
    20. Terra RCS recycled aluminium universal laptop/tablet stand

      As low as £17.98
    21. Bamboo phone stand in kraft box

      As low as £2.13
    22. Bamboo tablet and phone holder

      As low as £2.58
    23. Bamboo phone stand

      As low as £1.70
    24. IPX8 Waterproof Floating Phone Pouch

      As low as £10.54
    25. Phone and tablet stand

      As low as £8.71
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    Technology Accessories

    Leveraging technology accessories for your promotional activities can transform how your brand engages with its audience, offering a blend of innovation and practicality. Here’s the advantage they bring to your marketing mix:

    • Daily Brand Integration: By incorporating items like tech gadgets into your promotional arsenal, you embed your brand into the daily routines of your audience. This regular interaction boosts brand recall and loyalty.
    • Elevates Brand Image: Offering the latest technology gadgets as branded items positions your brand as modern and forward-thinking. This perception can attract a tech-savvy demographic looking for the best tech gadgets that align with their lifestyle.
    • Universal Appeal: Tech accessories transcend age and profession, appealing to anyone with a smartphone or device. This universality makes them excellent tools for broadening your promotional reach across various segments.
    • Long-Term Exposure: Unlike disposable promotional items, high-quality technology accessories are used and valued over time. This longevity ensures ongoing brand exposure.
    • Social Shareability: Branded gadgets often become talking points among tech enthusiasts, increasing the likelihood of your brand being shared and discussed on social media platforms.

    In a digital age where technology is king, incorporating branded tech accessories into your promotional strategies not only meets a practical need but also enhances your brand's visibility and appeal in a competitive marketplace.

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    Tech Gadgets - FAQ

    What are some popular tech accessories for corporate giveaways?

    Popular tech accessories for corporate giveaways include USB drives, wireless charging pads, Bamboo Phone Stands, and 4-in-1 cables. These items offer practical value and high visibility for your brand.

    How do branded tech accessories enhance brand visibility?

    Branded tech accessories are used frequently in daily life, ensuring your brand is seen regularly. This consistent exposure enhances brand visibility and keeps your message in the minds of your audience.

    Are there eco-friendly options available among tech gadgets?

    Yes, at Hambleside Merchandise we offer eco-friendly options for tech gadgets, including accessories made from sustainable materials like Bamboo or those that promote energy efficiency. These options allow you to align your promotional efforts with environmental sustainability.

    Can technology accessories be part of a themed promotional package?

    Absolutely! Technology accessories can be bundled with other themed items to create comprehensive promotional packages. This approach offers a cohesive branding experience and adds value to your giveaways or corporate gifts.

    How can businesses choose the right tech gadgets for their audience?

    Consider your audience's lifestyle, tech preferences, and the gadgets they're likely to use regularly. Choose tech accessories that complement these habits for a promotional item that’s both appreciated and utilized, maximizing your brand's exposure.

    Are some branded tech accessories stocked in the UK?

    Yes, a selection of our branded tech accessories is stocked right here in the UK. This ensures quicker delivery times for your orders, making it convenient for businesses looking to include cutting-edge tech gadgets in their promotional strategies without long wait times.

    I need my tech merchandise in a hurry, can you offer fast despatch?

    We certainly can! For those urgent tech merchandise needs, we offer a variety of printed tech accessories with fast dispatch options. With many of our logo-printed gadgets available for dispatch in ten working days or less, we're equipped to accommodate even the most pressing deadlines, ensuring you get the promotional tech accessories you need, when you need them.