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  • Promotional Stress Balls

    Branded stress balls have been a bestselling promotional giveaway for many years. Who doesn’t enjoy the stress relief you achieve squeezing stress balls branded with your company logo or message. With a good print area, promotional stress balls can be printed in spot colour or a full colour design and are available in a number of colours. Choose from standard coloured promotional stress balls UK printed or variations of a ball such as stress footballs or stress rugby balls. Don’t forget to check out the Eco stress ball either, made from bio-based materials.

    Which squishy ball will you choose for your fidget stress balls promotion?

    Keen to see some other promotional stress items that come in all shapes, not just branded stress balls? Take a look at our whole Promotional Stress Items range.

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    4. Hard Stressball Keyring

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    7. Rugby Stress Ball

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    Mental Health and Stress Balls

    Stress balls, also known as squeeze balls or anxiety balls, are small rubber or foam balls that are designed to be squeezed and manipulated as a way to relieve stress and tension. While there is limited medical research specifically on the use of stress balls, there is some evidence to suggest that they may be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.

    K. L. O'Hara and C. E. Waddell, published an article in the Journal of American College Health, concluding that the use of a hand gripper (similar to a stress ball) resulted in a significant reduction in perceived stress and an increase in grip strength in a group of college students.

    A. J. Dijkstra, J. L. Kompier, and J. H. Kavelaars, published in the International Journal of Stress Management finding the use of a stress ball as a distraction technique during a stressful task resulted in lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in participants.

    Using stress balls as a form of hand exercise can help people with hand and finger disabilities, such as those who have had a stroke, to increase their hand strength and dexterity.

    It's important to note that stress balls are not a substitute for professional medical treatment, but they can be a useful tool for managing stress and anxiety in some individuals

    Promotional Stress Balls

    Promotional stress balls are a fun and unique way to promote your business or brand! They're small, portable, and can be easily customized with your logo or message, making them perfect for trade shows, conventions, and other events. Plus, who doesn't love a good squeeze? Stress balls are a great way to relieve stress and tension, and people will appreciate having one on hand when they need it. They're also a great way to generate leads and connect with potential customers. Imagine your logo or message being squeezed hundreds of times a day, that's a lot of exposure! Not to mention, they're perfect for all ages and have a wide appeal.

    Do Stress Balls make good promotional products?

    Stress Balls make ideal promotional products and event giveaways, especially when tied into a theme to support wellbeing.  Stress Balls can be used during events as a tactile engagement tool. Break the ice with a game involving stress balls or just print with your event message.  Ideal if you want to give a mental reminder of mindfulness each time some reaches for your branded stress ball.

    Stress Toys

    Bespoke Stress Balls

    We are regularly asked if it is possible to make bespoke stress balls. Generally speaking, the greater the volume the more options you have to create bespoke stress balls.  However, we find in most instances, choosing the right colours and full colour printed can create the effect you are after.  If you are looking for something really different, you should check out our range of Stress Shapes.