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  • Eco Friendly Products

    Showcase your sustainable branding with giveaway eco products

    The eco-friendly products range is constantly growing. Our merchandise supply partners are working really hard to evolve sustainable branding processes and utilise more eco friendly materials to develop eco product. Hambleside have a huge range of eco friendly promotional products all ready to be branded with your company logo and to appeal to varying sustainable development goals.

    We understand that every brand has its own sustainability goals and your branded merchandise should support those goals, showcasing to the recipients what you value most when it comes to looking after our planet. That may be:

    Reduce your carbon footprint with UK made promotional products - no air miles

    Reuse materials with eco friendly promotional products made from recycled materials such as RPET (water bottles)

    Reduce use of virgin materials with merchandise made from bio plastics

    Help the planet with eco friendly promotional products made from eco friendly materials, such as bamboo, rice husk and hemp

    Reduce waste with eco promotional products that can be recycled at end of life or are biodegradable

    Request responsible sourcing by buying FSC certified paper products, Oeko-Tex certified branded clothing and asking us for other eco ideas

    Reduce use with our Just A Few low minimum order quantity products to ensure you order just the right amount of branded merchandise you require


    Where to start when choosing your Eco Friendly Merchandise

    Throughout our website you will find eco friendly corporate gifts with an Eco flag. As you browse the product categories, use the filter on the left to select truly Eco products, or navigate to the Eco product category groups in the top menu. Just bear in mind that some products are made from planet friendly materials but that alone does not categorise them as Eco, for example a stainless steel water bottle or a jute bag. For this reason, we integrate eco products amongst the full product range so you can browse all the options and compare. The glossary below outlines the credentials of eco friendly materials to help inform your decision. 


    Eco Friendly BagsEco Friendly Bags

    Eco Friendly Bags

    Branded water bottles printed with a logoBranded water bottles printed with a logo

    Eco Friendly Water Bottles

    Recycled Branded PensRecycled Branded Pens

    Eco Friendly Pens

    Sustainable NotebooksSustainable Notebooks

    Eco Friendly Notebooks

    Eco Stress ToysEco Stress Toys

    Eco Stress Ball

    Branded Reusable Coffee CupBranded Reusable Coffee Cup

    Branded Reusuable Coffee Cups

    Eco friendly materials explained

    Eco friendly, means that the material doesn’t cause harm to the planet and its environment. The following are the most popular used in eco friendly promotional products.


    The most recycled material in the world. It’s easy to melt down and make new materials making it one of the most eco-friendly materials there is. In comparison to a reuseable plastic water bottle, an aluminium bottle will last longer as it’s more durable, and is part of a “closed loop” recycling chain that can be infinitely recycled. A solid choice!

    Stainless Steel

    Similar to Aluminium, Stainless Steel is long-lasting, durable and can be easily recycled. It’s food safe. Stainless steel naturally prevents bacterial growth and is resistant to corrosion meaning your branded promotion will stand the test of time.  


    Bamboo grows rapidly. It also has natural antibacterial properties removing the need for pesticides and chemicals. This makes bamboo one of the best renewable materials on the planet. The natural fibres are processed and spun into soft yarn to make eco merch such as eco bags and eco lanyards. Bamboo hardwood is also used in promotional merchandise as an alternative to slower growing hardwoods. Bamboo regenerates quickly after being harvested making it readily available in a short time frame.   


    Did you know a cork tree can live up to 300 years and in its lifetime the cork bark can be harvested every 9 years? Removing the cork bark does not disturb the tree, so it continues contributing to the environment. It actually absorbs 3-5 times more CO2 when regenerating its’ bark, making a harvested tree much more environmentally friendly than an unharvested one. Cork is biodegradable too. An excellent renewable material – not just for wine bottles!

    PLA Plastic or Bioplastics

    Sugar cane fibres, corn and potato starch, all plant based materials, are processed to produce plastics derived from these sustainable sources. This is an eco friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics although they look and feel the same. They will naturally breakdown due to their make up reducing plastic waste that is harmful to the environment.    


    A good eco-friendly alternative to cotton, hemp grows two and a half times faster and uses 50% less water when being processed into fabric. Hemp farming is limited so its not as readily available as cotton however its popular for promotional lanyards and high end clothing.  


    Growing jute is known to increase the fertility of land. Once harvested jute, , often referred to as hessian, can be woven into materials to manufacture products such as branded jute bags. It’s durable, breathable and at the end of life its 100% biodegradable and compostable.

    Organic Cotton

    Cotton is a fast growing material, seen in all aspects of our lives already. However, production of standard cotton has a considerable impact on the environment due the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers. Organic cottons however use no toxic chemicals in the growing process and use less water. Bleaches, dyes and lots of water are used to process cotton into fabric so the most environmentally friendly option is a natural, un-dyed organic cotton fabric.  


    PET stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate which is a resin based polyester. It’s widely used to make containers such as single-use water bottles, food packaging and much more as its inexpensive. At the end of its use, it can easily be cut into chips and remoulded into new injection moulded products such as branded water bottles or made into fibres to make recycled polyester branded clothing – this is RPET.  


    Glass can easily be recycled by breaking it down into smaller pieces, sorting it, cleaning it and melting it before making other glass products. Recycled glass is heated at lower temperatures than virgin glass also saving energy. Glass therefore makes a good material for eco promotional items as its durable, easy to recycle at the end of life and can be made into new products.  

    Recycled Paper

    For every ton of recycled paper used, 17 trees are saved. Now that’s a reason to buy recycled promotional notepads and other products made from recycled paper. Paper is easily recycled, with curbside recycle points accessible to all and most offices now recycling paper waste daily.


    Sourcing conscious promotions is a complex feat; balancing your values, staying true to your brand and budget requirements. If you would like some pointers or can't see what you are looking for, our friendly team of merchandise advisors are here to help. Please contact us or use the live chat.