Completed USB ship flashdrive

Creative bespoke USB flashdrive

We were recently asked by a client to come up with a promotional product that would communicate their brand and what their organisation was about, whilst creating a buzz. It needed to incorporate a shipping theme.

Our creative team worked on the concept, drawing inspiration from the client logo and iconic images used in their marketing collateral. The end result was the design of a bespoke USB, modelled on their ships, which opened at the centre to reveal the actual USB drive.

Once the concept drawings were signed off, the tooling was created. This was a challenge, as it had to be trialled to ensure the crane arm would support itself without breaking or collapsing and that the intricate tiny window and text details were still clear enough to read once modelled.

Before delivering to the client, Hambleside loaded each USB flash drive with company information and a weblink to their website. The finished result is very impressive and the customer is delighted.

The images shown below detail the process and end result. If you would like to enquire about your own bespoke USB, please just call us to discuss.

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