Solent University Compressed Gym Towels

Solent University Compressed Gym Towels

Compressed Personalised Towels

Compressed towels are a great promotional product. They have a large branding area but are ideal for mailing once they are compressed. It is a product that people will keep hold of and use time and time again acting as a constant reminder of your brand.

There are many uses of branded compressed towels:

• Event giveaways
• New product launches
• Retail
• Merchandising
• Web site promotions
• Direct mail
• Business Gifts
• Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and other events
• Employee appreciation
• Invitations
• … And many more

Solent University

We recently produced some compressed towels for Solent University. This is their story:

What were you looking for?
A direct mail item that was small enough to post and keep postage costs down, whilst having maximum impact.

What are the towels being used for?
We opened a new sports complex, so this was a sports towel to send out to applicants for sports courses, as well to give out to new members of the gym.

What was the message you wanted to get across?
The big investment into the cutting-edge new sports complex.

What was important to you?
That we have a good space for messaging, an item that had longevity – ie, the towel could be used repeatedly for the gym, small enough to keep to hand, and was also small enough to send in the post. It had a novelty value by being compressed and once in water transforms into a small towel.

Why was the final product selected?
It was good value per item cost, it was small enough to post, but also became a larger item with good space for messaging.

Did the final product meet the initial brief?

End user feedback
Overall it is a great item for the reasons above.
Solent University