Be Seen On Screen with Bigger Branding

Be Seen On Screen with Bigger Branding

I’m zoomed out! How often have we heard that over the last year?

It’s true - we have all adapted our working lives to incorporate video meetings, virtual events and virtual networking to bridge the gap left by social distancing, lockdowns and travel restrictions. In a world where we are craving social interaction, a Zoom/ Teams/ FaceTime/ What’s App/ Skype call is the common method of communication rather than a traditional old-school phone call.


And that’s something to be celebrated! It’s good to see a face. It’s good to see the body language that goes with the conversation. Plus, it’s also a great opportunity to reinforce and share your brand when interacting with new connections. At virtual events and networking you are often interacting in a group. A personalised hoody, branded sweatshirt or printed tshirt displaying your logo can really help others in the group to identify who you are and give a visual to aid recall in the future.


So what helps you be seen?

Firstly, your usual branded workwear has the logo at a sizing suitable for face to face interactions, however on screen that is harder to see and pick out the detail. Organisations are providing or replacing uniform for their sales teams, business development and customer facing staff with new garments that hold bigger branding. The photos below show the difference on screen, as an example.

Secondly, think about the items that are seen when you are on screen. A virtual networking session that lasts a few hours requires a mug of tea or coffee and a bottle of water. A promotional mug carrying a large logo on either side, and a branded sports bottle printed with a key message will help to add value too. All this improves the perception of your brand and most importantly creates visual reminders and memories to aid recall at a later date.


We look forward to seeing you on video soon! Drop us an email to book in for a catch up about your merchandise and how its working for you.

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