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  • Sustainability

    We recognise that we have an environmental responsibility to ensure that Hambleside Merchandise operate sustainably by;

    • reducing the environmental impact of its operations to a realistic minimum
    • complying with all appropriate environmental legislation which may impact upon our operations

    We continually examine methods for reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and minimise carbon emissions resulting from our business activities, that includes the sales and distribution of products and services including the general office and travel requirements, where possible.

    We reflect our commitment to delivering sustainability in our business practices and through our values and policies. This is considered to be a continuous process of improvement and it is the objective to improve our environmental performance, in conjunction with suppliers of goods and services over time.

    As a member of SEDEX we are committed to improving the quality of our supply chain and working with supply partners who share our environmentally responsible values.

    We recognise that the products we sell have an impact on the environment both in their production, packaging and at end of life. We are committed to promoting products created from sustainable, renewable, recycled resources, those made in the UK or products that have minimal environmental impact during their use (i.e. reusable, durable quality, avoidance of single use items). We encourage products that fit these more environmentally conscious product criteria when engaging with clients and working with our supply chain to deliver continual improvement.


    Environmental Impact

    The most significant adverse environmental impacts of our business are:

    • Consumption of natural resources in the selling, marketing and distribution of products and services and in our general office operations
    • Emissions to the atmosphere from the use of carbon based energy in the selling, marketing, and distribution of products and services and our general office operations
    • The environmental performance of our suppliers
    • Production of waste materials associated with running an office and sales


    A Sustainable Future

    The Hambleside Merchandise management team monitors sustainability with the following objectives:

    • To set the future direction of our environmental practices, conduct monitoring and seek continuous improvement in our environmental performance.
    • To oversee and review our environmental policy and all of our purchasing practices and operations to identify areas for improvement.
    • To comply with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements, identifying and applying the best available techniques wherever possible.
    • To provide information and appropriate training for and seek feedback from all staff on our environmental procedures and goals.
    • To regularly review and audit our environmental practices and work with partners to improve our performance and that of our industry generally.
    • To use our resources, to meet these commitments in a manner that reinforces our activities.


    Sustainability Targets

    • Consume energy from greener tariff providers, avoiding coal produced power from 2022 onwards.
    • Implementation of a more energy efficient lighting system and a Switch Off campaign focusing on lighting, heating and other electrical equipment to reduce consumption of electricity by 5% per annum over the five years from 2021 to 2026.
    • Wherever it is practical, staff are encouraged to travel by public transport for business purposes or conduct meetings virtually. Walking or cycling to and from the Office, in addition to flexible remote working, is encouraged where practical to reduce the impact of commuting.
    • We no longer have a company car fleet due to significant reduction in business mileage.
    • Re-use packaging wherever possible to reduce waste. Use recyclable packing materials. We strive to a position where single-use plastic is only present when absolutely necessary for the preservation of decoration.
    • Engage with clients to understand their environmental commitments and influence better choices throughout the buying process.
    • Support preferential supply partnerships with environmentally conscious and ethical factories, evidenced through SEDEX relationships and transparency of product related data.
    • Engage with supply chain and industry stakeholders to better understand and influence a more sustainable future for branded merchandise.
    • Demonstrate continual improvement of our environmental impacts evidenced against the Net Positive Futures Ltd Supplier Engagement Tool.


    Last updated: March 2023


    Sustainable Procurement

    The single most important action we can take is to inform, educate and encourage our clients to consider what defines a sustainable purchase. There are many factors to consider including materials, air miles and what happens to your merchandise at end of life. The team receive regular training from our supply network to keep updated with the latest innovations. Sustainable merchandise ideas are shared on our social media feeds and monthly newsletter updates so follow us or sign up to receive! If you would like a merchandise review with one of our advisors, please get in touch and we will help you assess your current offering and give you some tips on how you can make improvements. We look forward to hearing from you!