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  • FAQs - Your Questions Answered


    We have collated answers to your most frequently asked questions here. The below sections try to give you the information you need to make ordering promotional merchandise branded with your company logo as simple as possible. If you can't see the answer here though, just get in touch with our friendly team of merchandise advisors who are always happy to help!


    Q: How long will delivery take?

    A: Delivery time varies from product to product, on average most products take 3 weeks from artwork approval. Each product shows the approx. lead time for production and delivery in the Information tab. This is the timeframe it takes to print and delivery your goods from the date when you sign off the artwork proofs. 


    Q: What is an artwork proof?

    A: When you place an order with us, we will confirm the details of your order and expected delivery date. The following step is an Artwork Proof. This is important as it's the last point you can make any changes before your promotional products go into production. The artwork proof will show how your logo is positioned and sized on your promotional merchandise as well as confirming the print colours. We ask you approve this quickly as any delays will effect the delivery date, so if you are going on leave or will be out of the office please advise us of any backup contacts who can authorise and approve your company branding on promotional products in your absence.


    Q: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    A: This depends on the product; low cost promotional items have a much higher MOQ compared to premium gifts. Each promotional product listing on this site shows a number of quantity break prices, the smaller quantity shown is the minimum order quantity.


    Q: What is origination?

    A: This is the cost of preparing your artwork and setting up the print machinery. The cost of origination will vary depending on the product and the print method that is used. The amount of print colours will also have an effect on the origination cost. If you order online the cost of origination has already been included and will not be an additional charge.


    Q: Why do we pay carriage – can we collect from you?

    A: We outsource the print of our merchandise products to specialist printers with expertise in decorating different promotional products and materials. This guarantees the highest quality of print on your corporate merchandise products. Your branded merchandise gets delivered to you directly from our printer, which is far more cost and time effective. Delivery is free when you order online with us, no there are no hidden charges at checkout!


    Q: Do I receive my items in one bulk delivery?

    A: If you order multiple promotional products it is possible that they will be sourced from different suppliers and printers located mainly in the UK, Europe and Far East. We work with a huge range of different suppliers and printers who specialise in particular areas. For example if you order lanyards and t-shirts from us, it is likely that your lanyards will be printed in the Far East and your t-shirts will be printed in the UK. Your printed products will be delivered to you directly from our chosen specialist printer to save you time and money, so you may receive multiple packages.


    Q: How should I send my artwork?

    A: Please send us your artwork via email to [email protected] as a vectorised eps file. This allows us to ensure your print colours are set correctly and we can adjust the sizing to the print area without affecting the quality of your logo.


    Q: Why can’t my artwork be supplied as a PDF, JPEG or a TIF file?

    A: To ensure the best possible print results we ask that your artwork is supplied as a vectorised EPS file this is because this file format allows us to fully edit your artwork. We can make it bigger or smaller to fit required print areas without losing any quality. We can also change the colour of the text if required. A PDF, JPEG or TIF file does not allow us to edit the artwork in the same way and we cannot guarantee the required print quality.


    Q: Can I print my company logo in more than one colour?

    A: Yes! If your company logo is more than 1 colour, select the drop down against the promotional product you want to buy to see what print options are possible. We have a wide range of promotional products that can be printed 2 colour, 3 colour or full colour print in CMYK.


    Q: I want to buy promotional products printed with my company logo but it has gradient colours and transparencies in the design. Is this possible?

    A: Yes! If your company logo is more complex with lots of details or with multiple colours, gradients and transparencies then we would recommend you look for products that can be printed full colour. This means they will be printed digitally in CMYK with your design, straight onto the promotional product. These products often require a white or pale background for the best finish.


    Q: What’s the difference between spot colour printing and full colour printing?

    A: Spot colours are printed one by one onto the surface of the promotional product, usually screen printed or pad printed. Spot colour inks are specifically pantone matched to your brand colours for a perfect colour match and finish. If colour is very important to your brand, we would recommend you choose a spot colour printed product – select 1 colour, 2 colour, 3 colour or 4 colour print options when adding your promotional products to the basket. A Full Colour print on the other hand is printed in CMYK and does have some variation in colour finish as every print machine has slight tolerances. It’s a bit like when you print out a document on different printers and get slightly different colours. That said, digital printing has developed so much in recent years that the reproduction quality is now much better than it ever was and tolerances are rarely visible to the naked eye. We would recommend full colour printing when you have a company logo or design with lots of complex or small details, or if you want to print images or photographs – for example on a Photo Mug or a promotional coaster.


    Q: What’s the difference between embossing and debossing?

    A: Embossing generally creates a relief print which stands out of the product surfaces whereas deboss creates an indentation into the promotional product. Custom silicone wristbands are a good example – do you want your lettering to sit proud of the wristband surface (embossed) or do you want the lettering sunk into the promotional wristband (debossed)? If you need some help, just give us a call.


    Q: How do I supply artwork for my order?

    A: Send an email to [email protected] with your order number in the subject. Attach your company logo or design to be printed onto your promotional merchandise, ideally in a vectorised EPS file with all fonts converted to curves / outlines. If you don’t have this, send the files you do have and we will advise. Our artwork team are very experienced and able to assist you (this may be subject to an additional charge depending on the complexity).