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    Hambleside Merchandise are a multi award-winning distributor of company branded merchandise. We pride ourselves on being merchandise experts you can trust. Our knowledge of the branded merchandise landscape is developed every year through industry shows and supplier days, and our experienced team are always on the lookout for new exciting corporate branded merchandise ideas for our customers.


    Company Branded Merchandise to make you stand out

    With a huge range of promotional products available, we have the promotional items best suited for your company branding. Company branded merchandise should be an extension of all elements of your company brand. It should echo your values, visually be recognised as your brand and make the recipient have the desired emotional response. The choice of corporate gift should therefore be considered. Select the best practical company branded product that will be retained by its owner and used repeatedly for maximum brand impressions. Should you need some guidance and advise from our expert merchandise advisors, please get in touch. We take time to carefully select ideal branded corporate gifts for your brand, budget and brief.

    Say Thank You with Corporate Gifts

    Branded corporate gifts presented beautifully support your business relationships and staff engagement. In order to select the best corporate merchandise, think about the brand personas you are targeting with your marketing campaign. What items are practical and useful to them? A corporate gift that has longevity delivers value and return. The personalisation with company logo may be subtle to increase the perceived value and quality company branding or you may want to print a company logo big and bold. Personalised packaging with your company logo is increasingly popular as it further enhances the presentation of your company branded items.

    Custom Corporate Branded Merchandise

    Hambleside Merchandise source merchandise to cater for all your needs. Browse our range of products from promotional pens, branded notebooks, printed mugs, corporate golf umbrellas, corporate jackets and much more. If you have a specific idea in mind and can’t find what you are looking for, then please get in touch to discuss your custom merchandise. From bespoke branded USBs to bespoke stress ball shapes, branded wellies, even branded clothes pegs! Our knowledge of the industry and close ties to our suppliers enables us to share new merchandise ideas, innovative products as well as design and manufacture merchandise items from scratch.

    We have worked on a wide variety of marketing campaigns over the years. Read more about us on our blog.

    Anything you need, we’ve got your merchandise branding covered.


    Trade Show Merchandise

    Trade show merchandise is a great way for companies to make a lasting impression on attendees. It's not just about handing out pens or keychains with your logo on it, it's about giving something that is useful and valuable to people. For example, a well-designed tote bag can be useful for carrying around trade show swag, and also serves as a walking billboard for your brand. Customised t-shirts can be worn by attendees after the show, which means even more exposure for your company. You can also choose to give away more unique items like power banks or phone stands that are specifically designed for certain industries. Attendees get something useful and companies get the exposure they desire.

    You can rely on Hambleside for specialist Merchandise Services

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