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How to choose the right promotional product?

Where to Start?

Picking the right promotional product can be a headache. There is so much choice from pens, travel mugs, bags, USB’s, coasters and more, so where do you start?
We start by considering your brand, budget, the campaign, lead time and print requirements to identify relevant products, ideally with a practical purpose for your recipients. We then help you narrow down the options resulting in the best solution.


It is important that your promotional merchandise fits your brand for example drawstring bags are suitable for a college but not so suitable for a solicitors. Pick a product that suits your target audience and make sure it is sending the right brand message.


Budget is a key factor when considering promotional merchandise. There are many things that can be considered when working within a budget including the print options, quantity ordered and packaging.

Hand putting coin to money staircase


It is important to always keep in mind the goals of your campaign – what is the promotional product being used for, what message do you want it to carry and what effect do you want it to have on the recipient? For example, you want to raise brand awareness at a specific event. Do you want to share an impression of your brand with as many as people as possible and pass it on to others beyond the show? Or do you want to leave a lasting brand impression with quality visitors to your stand?
Promotional merchandise is a very powerful marketing tool – it is proven to have a lower cost per impression than other forms of advertising, such as TV and radio*.  Give your target audience a branded item that they will use over and over again or give them something different to create a good talking point and boost your sales opportunities.


Colour is very important when picking the right promotional product. If the product can be supplied in your corporate colour then this can save you costs on print. The product is automatically linked to your brand before it is even printed. There are a huge range of promotional products that can be pantone matched. This can be a great starting point to narrow down the range of products available.

Lead Time

All products have different lead times. The timescale in which your products are required will have an effect on the products that are available to you. Don’t waste your time looking at promotional products that have a 4 week lead time if you need them for an event in 2 weeks time.


The print can change a standard product into something unique for your brand. Here are a few examples of standard products that have been transformed by print.

Superhit Extreme Branding

 Needle in a haystack?

Don’t be overwhelmed by the options out there and the time it takes to trawl through those to find the right merchandise swag for you. Our team of merchandise experts are here to guide and support you, putting forward suitable product and print ideas to fit your criteria. The Hambleside Team have all been working in this industry for many years so it’s worth tapping into our wealth of experience – especially as it’s free! Just give us a call 023 9235 4960 or leave a message on our Contact Us page and we’ll be in touch.


*Based on global research undertaken by ASI. “A cost analysis of promotional products versus other advertising media” Released at the 2014 ASI Power Summit.

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