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Creative Thinking Inspired By Your Bottle

Be Inspired by your Bottle

How about a bottle instead of a bag?

We are super excited to share our BRAND NEW creative concept, a Hambleside Original!

This idea asks you to be inspired by your bottle and think of it as a bag as well as something to drink from. The bottle can be filled with other branded merchandise such as sticky note pad, pen, USB, cable tie, highlighter and lots more.

This creative concept is perfect for:

•  Revision packs – provide your students with the tools for successful revision
•    Welcome packs – make your new students feel at home with a range of merchandise and useful products for their first days with you
•    Offer packs – merchandise to accompany your written offer and encourage acceptance
•    Thank you sets – for choosing your College or University

Study Survival Kits for the University of Southampton

This concept has already proved a success for The University of Southampton. Their initial brief to us described a kit to be distributed to students that would assist with study, including a method of staying hydrated, a highlighter for annotating text books and a gadget to keep their phone or tablet charged.

Our Account Manager, Beth Coleman, met with the University team to brainstorm and offer a number of different product options. Packaging was a major consideration to reduce costs and waste. Our solution was to use the drinks container as the packaging for the other items. This was well received and from there we worked hard to select the right drinks bottle and contents to fit.

A concern was raised about the highlighters drying out too quickly. Our solution was a wax crayon highlighter, which formed part of the final kit.

The final kit was created by Hambleside, including in- house fulfillment. Beth proposed the creation and application of the gifts tags which carried useful information for each student and was specific to 9 different subject areas. The kits were carefully packed, labelled and delivered by Hambleside in two batches, as required by the University, ready for scheduled visit days.

This concept has proved very popular and successful within the Education sector. We also think this concept could work well across other industry sectors for:
•    Exhibition survival packs- fill the bottle with everything you need to get you through an exhibition
•    Hydration campaigns – help to create a healthy workforce
•    Welcome packs – new staff. new members

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