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  • British Sugar Beets Stress!

    British Sugar Beets Stress!
    Sugar BeetHambleside Merchandise has been working with British Sugar for many years to produce their promotional products. British Sugar is part of AB Sugar and is the largest sugar producer in the world with a production capacity of around 5 million tonnes of sugar each year. British Sugar is wholly owned by Associated British Foods plc. and they do not just produce sugar. They are also one of the largest suppliers of tomatoes in the UK producing 140 million tomatoes annually. This was the basis for their graduate promotional merchandise – the ‘stress tomato’. These ‘squeezy’ tomato shaped stress items displaying the web address notjustsugar.com have been instrumental in raising awareness of the company’s graduate, placement and apprentice schemes. The stress tomatoes have always been incredibly popular as giveaways at school events and graduate career stands. However Jane Bunney, Graduate Recruitment Manager, had a vision of the stress tomatoes being given away alongside ‘stress sugar beets’ as not many people know what a sugar beet looks like…. Jane sent some images of a sugar beet to our team at Hambleside Merchandise and enquired if we would bThe Stress Tomato e able to replicate it in stress item form. We jumped at the challenge and set about producing pre-production samples. British Sugar was incredibly specific about the mould and wanted the finished product to be as close to the real thing as possible. This meant that all the bumps and indentations had to be accurate and the colours had to show the imperfections on the skin. The actual ‘squeezyness’ of the stress beets was also a significant factor. The finalised stress sugar beet was a ‘taste of sweet success’ after numerous pre-production concepts were created. Jane Bunney commented, “I am delighted with them, they really are unique and have been so popular.” Hambleside’s creativity and teamwork has once again been triumphant in crafting a bespoke product to satisfy our clients’ needs.