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Hambleside’s Sam Completes Marathon for the Kicks Count Charity

It’s December, it’s cold and most people are feeling festive whilst wrapping their presents by a cosy fire….not Sam!

On Sunday 18 December 2016, Sam took part in the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon and raised £295 for the Kicks Count charity. This money could fund the printing of over 2,000 posters to send to hospital and doctor surgery waiting rooms for expectant mother’s to see life saving information.

Amazing effort Sam! Well done from the Hambleside team!

Sam told us why it was so important to run for the Kicks Count charity:

When my fiancée was pregnant with Freddie she was informed by her midwife about your charity and Stacie downloaded the app and had your charity page saved on her phone.

One day she woke up and continued her usual day and noticed reduced movements, after trying all the tips about drinking cold water and laying on her side she noticed no difference so being aware of your advice and being 30 weeks pregnant she called the Princess Anne Hospital and they wanted her to be monitored. The hospital were happy.

Stacie kept monitoring and using your app and we went in a further 3 times for reduced movements even. Her midwife told her this was the right thing to do and continue to get checked if she was not happy with the movements. She was discharged every time but because she was not happy her midwife kept an eye on her and would contact her regularly to check this.

Thankfully Stacie did not have to be induced and 40 weeks and 6 days our little Freddie was born. I couldn’t thank your charity enough for giving us the information to get checked out and thankfully we didn’t need to be induced because of the movements but the information you provide allowed us to know the facts so if we needed to, we could have been.

I will be participating in the marathon again next year and every year I can and will continue to raise money for your charity. While I was running many spectators said to me I was running for a great charity so the work you do is largely appreciated.

Thank you once again for saving many little lives and making expectant parents aware of the importance in movements and to everyone at the charity have a lovely Christmas.

Sam Harrison

Hambleside Merchandise
Sam Harrison from Hambleside Merchandise runs coastal marathon for Kicks Count Charity

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